My 500th Post... it's only fitting that it be SPECIAL!!

  1. YIPPEE:yahoo:it's 500 posts for me!!

    The timing couldn't be better because..... earlier today... a knock at the door.... and a package........

    hmmmmmmmm What ever could it be????
  2. Congrats!
  3. It seems to be a very SPECIAL BOX.... apparently directly from ITALY??!!

    Someplace called Luisaviaroma!!


    Inside the big brown box appeared another large blue one.... oohhh... the anticipation!!

  4. Inside this very pretty big blue box... a lovely ribbon and card....

  5. ok, now... HURRY UP!!! I'm dying here!
  6. Congrat.'s on your 500th post!!!! The anticipation is killing me.. it's like a striptease!!!!!!:graucho:
  7. Hurry, hurry!!! Is it something violet?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. take it off!!!
  10. :popcorn:
  11. It's like...eating away at my brain. hurry up!!
  12. Violet??? :p
  13. Would a few more give us a little peek?;)
  14. aahh what is it?!?!?!
  15. Yea.. well... I was NEVER one of those kids that gently tore off a little corner of paper at a time at Christmas... I just ripped into it..... SO...... HERE GOES!!


    Yes... My GSH VIOLET WORK!!




    This one's in the shade

    These definately show it more "blue" than it is.. it's definately purple/violet and similar to eggplant.. but lighter!