MY 500th post and i cheated a little bit in orange

  1. Today the Fedex courier brought me this lovely Hermes Herbag in reddish brown.:yahoo:
    It s really great and very different than al my Balenciaga bags. But i do promiss this is only a kind of a one night stand TRUE.:shame: Now i must think what bag to wear this weekend. I think its going to be my new Matelasse in caffee brown 2007-1, With my new big black clous wallet with the silver spikes.:drool:

    Hugs FX:heart:

    Sorry the pics are a bit blurry (foonpics)
    Photo-0125.jpg Photo-0126.jpg
  2. WOWsAH!!! Nice Hermes... and Matelasse... great taste.. Have fun this weekend! ;) cOngrats!
  3. have fun with your new bags!!!!! they are very nice.
  4. fx - you are so cute! i :heart: your orange hermes - totally worth cheating on b-bags for, IMHO;)
  5. Awesome addition to your Bal collection, mmm Cafe!
    ...and I guess if you're going to cheat on Balenciaga, it's okay to cheat with the Bill Gates of bags! congrats on the Hermes!
  6. Oh wow!! Dearest FX you have the best taste....absolutely love your matelasse!! Thanks so much for sharing your new purchases!! The clous wallet is so HOT!:heart::heart:
  7. OOOOHHH FX! You sexy beast! Everyone must own at least piece of Hermes! Very exciting : )
  8. Yup, I would cheat on bbags for hermes, too. :shame: Love both your bags, fx. Congrats! :yahoo::woohoo:

    HUGS FX:heart:
  10. Congrats FX! Love the Hermes and Matelasses!
    Modeling pics? :yes:
  11. congrats!!
  12. Maybe later when my BF comes he can make some pics of me.

    Thanx FX:heart:
  13. congrats!
  14. Now, I don't want to tempt you but, THIS is the bag you need to wear with your new Clous wallet! :devil::angel: MY NEW CLOUS BAG
  15. :yahoo:congrats on your two gorgeous bags! don't let your b-bags know that you have cheated on them or they would be so jealous of hermes. enjoy them!