My 5 Year old dog attacking my 3 Year old dog??

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  1. Dempsey is my 5 year old Pekingeses I am having a lot of problems with him at the moment. It started a year ago, at first it started with the squeak with the shower door we have, this would drive him crazy and he would try to tear the door apart, also once he starts he just get very aggressive and out of control.

    Barney is the miniture Pekingeses he is 3 years old. Most of the time the two dogs get on very well, but I notice as time went on he got very annoyed with certian things in the house (dempsey). Like heres a few examples, when you go for a shower there is a button that will click in the kitchen, Dempsey (even if he is asleep will wake up) will run out of the blue and attack barney and he is very vicious when he gets going. And when he hears the Bin he goes for him, its like certain noises and it triggers him. like high tin noise etc..

    I dunno what to do. has anyone had this problem with there dog that they attack there other dog in the house just to certain things and noises???:confused1:
  2. Have you tried de-sensitizing him to the sounds with food rewards? You have to have a real high value treat though, so every time he runs over when the sound occurs he see's you have a treat and once he stops barking give him the treat. Dempsey is re-directing his aggression for the sound towards Barney, you need to re-direct him off of Barney.
  3. I agree with grayxie. Dogs get a used to doing things to a sound. Like runing towards the door when they hear the doorbell. So make loud noises that Dempsey reacts to and give him treats, to make him associate the sound with treats not aggression. Over time he will hopefully stop the behaviour.
  4. Thank you i will get going with that and tell you how I get on .
  5. You will need someone to help you trigger the noise over and over again while you keep Dempsey's attention, don't get frustrated because dogs can pick up on that. Good Luck!