my 5 month old car..can i install a navigational system?

  1. against my better judgement i opted not to put in a navigational system into my 07 accord and bought a garmin, which i was assured it would be better. after it taking me through pennslyvania and maryland to get to new hampshire..from ny.. and then how it couldn't locate easy locations, i've gotten fed up with it and so i want to get the honda dealership to install one into my car. i'm told (by the same who told me to get a garmin) that it cannot be done at all, or at the very least it would be put in the bottom where there is an open cavity to store things... but its dangerous to have it down there where ihave to look all the way down to use it.. anyone car savvy here? is it possible to basically have my front ripped out and redone so i can have a navigational system? (i'm sick of compact ones, no more!)
  2. I have my 2001 accord install Navi system last year. They can only put it where your current stereo, or below. Do you not like for them to take your stock radio out and replace with the new Navi system?? Don't go to the dealer they are way too expensive.
  3. Of course you can. The only issues is making sure you get all the needed components to retrofit a stock navi system. Obviously you'll need the nav/stereo unit, plus any receiver hardware and antennae. It's gonna be a bit pricey as they usually go for 2 grand installed. Unless you're gonna do it yourself.