my ~$479~ plum YSL Tribute tote!

  1. I walked into the YSL boutique on 57th Street in New York on the Friday before Christmas and they had just marked down the sale bags to 60 percent off. :tup: So I picked up this pretty large Tribute tote in plum for only $479 (originally $1195). I wasn’t considering buying a Tribute previously, but at that price, I couldn’t pass it up.

    The color is a dark, rich, eggplant-y purple—not bright “Barney” purple at all. It goes great with my purple Burberry scarf. :wlae:



    Here are my two other YSL bags: a black patent Downtown and a chocolate Muse.

    Tribute 2.JPG Tribute 3.JPG YSL Downtown and Muse.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! I was waiting for your post!

    I'm kind of mad that I didn't wait for the sale to buy my caramel/taupe muse. I think someone else got the O/S for $900 while I got my large for full price of $1295. But i suppose we can't look at it that way. i do love my muse regardless =) But congrats on the find!
  3. Great score Cosmo. Congratulations.
  4. Thank you ysl1983 and lhasalover! :flowers: I paid full price for my Muse and Downtown, so I kind of feel like the YSL Christmas elves smiled upon me with this purchase!
  5. OMG, what a gorgeous color!!! :woohoo:

    I was wondering if you were happy or not with your tribute.

  6. great find! and yes, your scarf goes so well with it! enjoy it in excellent health
  7. I love it!! And I am so torn - I really don't need yet another bag this year but it's such a fabulous price. I know the purple and the green are still available...ugh

    Well enjoy your new bag, Cosmo! She's lovely
  8. Thanks gr8heart, Sonia*luvs*bags, and FanAddict. :drinkup:The first hour or so in New York after I bought it, I was a bit apprehensive about the color. But now I'm sure I love it, particularly after seeing it in different lighting.
  9. That color is to die for! A gorgeous bag indeed.
  10. I justed purchased the medium downtown tote in the same color. It's a beautiful violet. Did you notice if the downtown totes were marked down to 60% off too?
  11. EmSo, I called one boutique and they do have some DTs marked down - the medium buffalo in chocolate and green (I believe) are $799, and the large for $899 (can't remember those colors)
  12. Went to YSL on 57th St. today and was soooo tempted! Downtown's were marked down to 50% off (including the violet in buffalo); Muse's stayed at the ~30% first cut mark-down point (my SA said YSL just won't discount the Muse further....won't go down to 50 or 60% off like the Downtown & Tribute). There was a nice selection of shoes on sale as well.
  13. Ladies, its definitely worth calling around to YSL boutiques to see if they have a sale bag that you are interested in!!!!! :tup:

    Here is the link to the boutique addresses/phone numbers:

    When I was at the 57th Street boutique last Friday, this is what they had on sale that I can remember:
    --Large Tribute: one purple (besides the one I bought)
    --Small Tribute: two olive green
    --Large Downtown: one purple patent, one silver
    --Medium Downtown: two olive green deerskin (without pockets on outside)
    --Overseas: bunch of these in navy, olive
  14. She is lovely and a great addition to your collection!
  15. wow, What A Fabulous Deal. Congrats!