My 4 new pairs of shoes *oops*

  1. I was going to get only the high heeled peep toes, but then I saw the others and got those too. What do you guys think?
    Kuva 1214.jpg Kuva 1215.jpg Kuva 1216.jpg Kuva 1217.jpg Kuva 1218.jpg
  2. cute assortment of styles--I love the gold flats
  3. Nice collection of shoes. They would be great for lot's of occasions!
  4. Congrats, great find!
  5. I love the peep toe pumps!
  6. I love the black ballet slippers!
  7. I like the comfy looking shoes...what kind are they???
  8. I really like the ballet flats!
  9. They´re suede:yes: They are indeed very comfortable, the sole is soft too.
  10. wow, those peep toe heels are great!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Congrats :smile: very nice!
  13. I love the black ones , the shape reminds me the LV ballerinas
  14. Oh thanks! They´re extremely comfortable:heart: I just got cb ballerinas too btw:nuts:
  15. I like the black peep toes!