My 35cm Black Birkin with gold hardware is ready for me to pick her up from Hermes~

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  1. I just got a call from my SA @ Hermes... My bag is here~~:wlae:
    its a 35 cm black birkin with gold hardware :yahoo:
    i had no idea it's gonna come so early... what to do...?? i've been overspending on bbags.... i thought it'll be near the end of 2007 until i'll get it... what to do? what to do?

    if i do take it.... have i chosen the right color? :confused1:

    black with gold hardware?????

    need advise please... :idea:

    i'm so afraid my FH wouldnt let me take it.... :sweatdrop: we need our money for our wedding...and i've already overspent on bags....
  2. Worse case - can you sell some of your other bags for the Hermes?

    I think black is gorgeous - goes with most everything!
  3. What kind of leather is it? Black 35cm are relatively easy to come by, depending on the leather. Does Hermes NYC ship Birkins to Canada now?:shrugs:
  4. so exciting. pls update on what you are going to do.
  5. I agree- sell what you can of your other bags to raise funds for that gorgeous black birkin. And congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!
  6. I agree with selling your bags to get that Birkin! Black w/GH is just so classic and gorgeous. Matches absolutely everything and anything! That would be a great "first" Birkin
  7. nono, not nyc... i was on the waiting list at hermes in toronto canada...

    i called my SA back, and confirmed its

    togo leather.... :rolleyes:

    i'm so confused.,...
  8. i just bought 3 bbags the past couple of days..... yikes... :hysteric:
  9. thank you thank you jag!! :smile:
  10. I would sell 2 of the b-bags- you will easily get retail for those (or if you can, return them). This way you get one gorgeous Black Togo Birkin (which is timeless and gorgeous) and one B-bag!
  11. what colors do you girls have?

    but i tend to wear a lot of black ... most of my winter coats are black..
    would it be better if i went for a red or orange birkin...????
  12. well just make sure you make the right decision and be a 100% on your purchase. good luck on what you do!

    i just got married earlier this year so i know how hard it is! im still trying to recover!
  13. is togo the more scratch resistant one in their types of leathers?

    please post pictures of your birkin if possible...
  14. I'd get the black and then REALLY not spend for a while later..aka just shove all my money into savings for the next few months.
  15. thanks nyc~ what color & type of leather is your birkin?

    oh no...what to do what to do.....