My 35cm Black Birkin with gold hardware is ready for me to pick her up from Hermes~


H & LV Mommy
Oct 29, 2005
I just got a call from my SA @ Hermes... My bag is here~~:wlae:
its a 35 cm black birkin with gold hardware :yahoo:
i had no idea it's gonna come so early... what to do...?? i've been overspending on bbags.... i thought it'll be near the end of 2007 until i'll get it... what to do? what to do?

if i do take it.... have i chosen the right color? :confused1:

black with gold hardware?????

need advise please... :idea:

i'm so afraid my FH wouldnt let me take it.... :sweatdrop: we need our money for our wedding...and i've already overspent on bags....
I agree with selling your bags to get that Birkin! Black w/GH is just so classic and gorgeous. Matches absolutely everything and anything! That would be a great "first" Birkin
I would sell 2 of the b-bags- you will easily get retail for those (or if you can, return them). This way you get one gorgeous Black Togo Birkin (which is timeless and gorgeous) and one B-bag!
well just make sure you make the right decision and be a 100% on your purchase. good luck on what you do!

i just got married earlier this year so i know how hard it is! im still trying to recover!