My 32nd pair, please help me decide =)

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  1. Hello, so ive coveted the lady gres for a while now and obviously ive long missed the the gressimo had become a welcome alternative to help numb the pain lol! Just not sure which one i like the best...i loove the color of the turquoise but usually dont go for the ankle strap ill probably get the most use out of the black but dont like how the color hides the detail of the shoe and the green seems like it would be happy medium but im not totally in love with the shade of i feel like these will probably be going on sale...anyone agree?
    so any opinions are welcome pllllease help me pick i cant miss out on these again =) thank you!
  2. what about the black & white Greissimos? Or are you wanting a solid color?
  3. p.s. i know these come in leather too but i much prefer the suede....are the regular gressimo pumps without the ankle strap availible in any other colors besides the peach?
  4. baby, hmm...I like the green!! Turquoise is a fun color but I've never gotten along with it, and black is lovely and easy to match outfits with, but the ruching of the knot isn't as pronounced on the black

    P.S: Green is one of my fave colors so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask, hahaha
  5. meggy....i loove them in the suede the most
  6. panda exactly, the black is beautful but its really hides the rouching and the knot so its like why bother?...thanks for your input!
  7. I really like the green too.. so pretty. I love the black as well but I can see how it could hide the detailing a bit. Tough decision.. you can't go wrong any way you slice it, though.
  8. meggy, its just so dark that i feel like from far away it just looks like a regular i have 2 votes for the green, thanks meggy!
  9. I love the turquoise but I vote for the green! I prefer the closed back as I feel it is much more versatle!

    What do you have in your wardrobe to wear with them? More one color than another?
  10. I'm partial to the green myself, but I think I saw them in lavender suede at the Las Vegas Boutique in December...don't remember for sure (could have been lavender napa), but it's worth a call if you think you might like that color better.
  11. my style in a nutshell is pretty much black white and gray and denim with a badass shoe...
  12. hmmmm lavender suede that sound not a huge fan of the peach i saw it in person but lavender could be beautiful...thanks!
  13. what about the greissimo in turquoise? if you don't like the strap...
    available at the SCP boutique

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  14. ^the plot thickens!!!!!!!

    babysweetums, I prefer closed back as well and since you described your wardrobe, both the turquoise and the green could really add a pop of color to any outfit of yours. Still loving me some green though, ^_^
  15. Green!