my 30th Birthday Reveal <3

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  1. :yahoo: it started out rough as my 3 youngest have nasty colds and kept me up all night. but my dearest husband made up for it immensely!!! he handed me 2 cards, 1 from him and 1 from my babies. both cards had cash and LV pictures printed out. :nuts: love that man!!!


  2. I'm here :party:Let's see!!
  3. Ooooo!!!
  4. A live one! please show! BTW, happy birthday! :balloon:
  5. Open Open!!
  6. :party:Oh yeah! Happy Birthday!!!
  7. thanks for coming to my party!!! :flowers:
    my sales associate was much than patient with me as i couldn't make up my mind b/w 2 certain bags. :blush:

  8. alma?
  9. :nuts:
  10. Artsy?
  11. :reading:
  12. Ohh live one please show!
  13. ...
  14. ............. :popcorn:
  15. :shrugs: