My 30cm birkins

  1. I would like to share my latest indulgence

    30cm togo rouge garance with pink stitching... and 30cm swift etoupe with white stitching.....


    Etoupe is swift is so gorgeous... much better than in clemence. I had previously turned down rouge garance in clemence coz I didnt like the way the leather was already slouching even though it was brand new/fresh out of the box. In togo, rouge garance is TDF.
  2. wow they are such cute pair
  3. Thanks for sharing, archangel! I agree with you! Rouge Garance in Togo is absolutely lovely! I love the grains on Togo! And Etoupe in swift ... colour is gorgeous!
  4. wowwwwwzaaa congrats!!!:yahoo:
  5. Oh, I love them!
  6. Both beautiful bags!! CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BABIES!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  7. i agree the etoupe is better in swift, both bags are STUNNING! even though i'm not a huge fan of togo, the rouge is gorgeous in it! please post more pics when you have time, esp of the etoupe! :graucho:
  8. GORGEOUS, Archangel!!!! I adore Togo in a Birkin and that Etoupe in Swift is mouth watering!!!! I am LOVING that color lately......a beautiful neutral! GREAT picks, A!!!!!!
  9. they are too gorgeous for words! love 'em both! (can't wait to see the etoupe IRL)

    arch, can you take a zoom picture of the RG with the pink stitching whenever you get the chance? i'd be interested to see. does the pink pop out ove rhte red color? TIA.
  10. Congrats! They are both so beautiful!
  11. That's showing Togo and Swift to the upmost advantage!

    They are beautiful, archangel!!
  12. Both are gorgeous !!!
    Congrats !!!
  13. Absolutely stunning! Enjoy both of those beauties in the best of health! They are truly gorgeous!
  14. utterly gorgeous, both of 'em
  15. Very, very nice!!! What gorgeous bags!!!