My 300 felt heart pins!

  1. So I've been making 300 of these felt heart pins for a friend's Humane Society event next month. I finally finished them up a couple of days ago and just tonight, finished tagging them. I'm so proud of them, since I've been working on them since August, so please allow me to share. :blush:

    Pic idea thanks to Cedes here on TPF!

  2. love the picture and they are so cute and for a great cause!! Good job! :smile:
  3. Wow, they are cute! I definitely don't have the patience to make 300 of them. Great job!
  4. very cute! Can you post an up close pic of them?
  5. wow R, those look fantastic!
  6. WOW, that sure is a lot of work but they look so good together. I would love to see close ups too.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    Good thing I saw these posts before I taped the box up! I'm mailing them out today (the benefit is in North Carolina) so will take a closeup of one of each color before I send them off. :smile:
  8. Here we go, closer pics of the back and front of them:


  9. wow...good job!! they look great!!! I know if i tried a project like that i'd get to about 10 of them and say "ok DONE!" lol
  10. Thanks!
    Lol, believe me, I wanted to say that after awhile...I really lagged on making the green ones (the first color I made), I swear, it took me most of August to do just that color. Then once I finished those and worked through the other colors, I kept being able to do them quicker. And the good cause they're going towards was even more of an incentive! :tup:
  11. Great job! Congrats :smile:
  12. Beautiful!! Great job Lvbabydoll!!! :hugs:
  13. Aw, thanks tink and petitchouchou! :love:
  14. that is amazing!!! Great Job, Lvbd!!! :hugs:
  15. Super Cute Rebecca! Wow, your fingers must hurt!!!