My 3 year old niece got her first Juicy Couture purse

  1. omg, my baby girl was just born a couple weeks ago,...
    i was looking at the juicy for little girls!!!can barely wait to purchase!!!!

    my neice will be turning 2! i'm gonna get one, after reading about your gift!!!

    totally love your idea!!!too cute!
  2. my aunt got me a chanel purse when i was 8.

    do you know i never knew it was chanel!!!well, authentic, i mean...
    i used to leave it everywhere, luckily none of the other kids in school knew!!
    it wasn't until a couple months later when my grandma had a huge fit and screamed at my mom for letting me actually use the purse...apparently i was only supposed to have it for going to special events, but i was using it every bags are very well made-it never broke or anything!
    that is why i plan to buy all the little girls in my immediate family designer bags...
    as long as i can afford them, i don't see the harm in gifting is just a bag afterall (a yummy, quality bag).
  3. That is the cutest thing i have ever seen and it is good to start them young.
  4. how adorable!!
  5. cute, but why would a three year old need a purse? what would they put in there?
  6. nicee
  7. That is too cute!!
  8. super cute :tup:
  9. Adorable! She's a fashionista already :smile:
  10. she's sucha cutie pie :smile:
  11. So cute!!!