My 3 year old asked for Hermes for Christmas

  1. I told my 3 year old that we would be going windowshopping in order to put together the Christmas list for Santa. She immediately replied, "I know what I want Mama, a scarf from Hermes!" After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing I thought I'd share this with you guys. Perhaps she's been to Hermes too often??
  2. That's is sooooo adorable!!! omg gazoo, you're daughter has definitely been influenced by your taste :lol: Question is, does she know which scarf she wants?
  3. So cute! :tender:
  4. omg, how cute!!!
    soooo, are you getting her one? ;) The thought of a twilly-like (not necessarily H) scarf around a little ponytail is so adorable....
  5. A twilly will look so cute as tied around her ponytail or as a hairband.:yes:
  6. My kinda gal! That's hilarious!
  7. We should get our daughters together! Mine is 5 and she is getting a pocket square....

    Anyone who can say Hermes at age 3 DESERVES a goodie!
  8. ohh noo, what have you done! haha that is soo cute, did you tell your SO what she said? I think he should cut up his credit cards now lolol juusttt kidddinnng have fun shopping with your babe!
  9. I did not even think to ask if there was a specific one she wanted. :confused1:

    Do you guys think it would be opening a humongus can of worms to get her a pocket square or twilly? I guess she could use the twilly in her hair and/or as a belt..... or is the thought just crazy??? Be honest guys - I will not be offended.
  10. A twilly would be adorable. My DD uses mine all the time. She uses it as a belt.
  11. That is so cute!:biggrin: Are you going to get her one? Now I know what to anticipate when my daughter turns 3 :wtf: I take her into Hermes often enough!:shame:

    PS: The twilly would be cute and not OTT.
  12. Oh, my God! Your daughter is SOOO cute! :heart:

    Oh, my...I gave my daughter a bad Hermes 'exotic-Birkin' influence! She said 'Mommy, I want a pokadot Birkin!'. My 5 year-old daughter loves ostrich skin for sure!:wlae:
  13. Aww, that is the cutest thing ever! What an H-diva in the making - lol!!! I wish I had a daughter to share my love for Hermes with. I have 2 boys who hate the color Orange :roflmfao:
  14. How adorable!! Children quickly picks up on these things don't they?
  15. That's awesome! I just hope my four year old son doesn't ask for one too. :s