My 3 TW bag pic - just for loganz

  1. here's my 3 tw pic.. for loganz eyes :amuse:
    Sorry i took so long to put it up.. :shame:
    twbag.JPG black.JPG white.JPG brown.JPG
  2. Wow! One in every color!
  3. I LOVE skulls! Can you please tell me the brand and where you purchased them?!?!?
  4. Thomas wylde. 2 from ebay and 1 from

    electricladyland does not have them no more though. Your best bet is ebay.
  5. Thanks! I should've known they were Thomas Wylde! They are beautiful!
  6. Superbaby, effin' AMAZING! Your collection is TDF! Thanks so much for posting your pictures.

    Which bag is your favorite?

    Do you have any problems keeping the white bag clean? How about denim/jeans transfer? Any difficulties with that? Do you know if there's a way to treat the bag to prevent transfer?
  7. ^^ haha :biggrin: Sorry for not being able to post pics of all my bags. As i've explained to loganz, its a huge work to get all my bags out from their respective places in closet, take out from dust bags, find a place big enough to lay them all out, take pics, put back in dust bags, put bags in place in closet... Too too too much work for me.

    My favourite (so far up to this second) is the TW bag :biggrin:

    For white bags, i spray it with apple guard, to protect it. and i never lay my bags on the floor. I am extremely sensitive with white bags.. so i really seldom use them unless it really matches my outfits.. (as you can see, i have not even use my white tw bag) :biggrin:
  8. ^^ Thanks, Superbaby. I meant which color TW bag is your favorite.

    I noticed the wrapping around the handle of the white bag after I posted. I got so excited when I saw your pics that I didn't look very closely at the handles.

    I can't wait to see what bags she does for the fall. I know there have been rumors of a grey bag. Has anyone heard/seen any further developments? Any idea when the fall collection will be available for retail sale?

    ETA: If you haven't packed the bags up yet, would you mind taking a picture of the reverse side of the brown bag? Thanks!
  9. Superbaby - You are such a sweetheart. :love:

    Thank you for posting these - I have to be honest, I love the brown skull bag - I am sorry to see that you are selling it but, now is the time since you can make all your money back on it.

    I love my black TW and have to force myself to use other bags, LOL!! :biggrin:

    Thanks again - good luck with the move...and good luck with the sale of that gorgeous brown TW...:amuse:
  10. Its on ebay now.. and if it does not sell, i guess i will keep it... (maybe?)
  11. Wow :nuts: I really like the white one. Thanks for sharing, Superbaby.
  12. Oh I LOVE the brown one!!!!!!
  13. Love love love:love: your TW bags!! I'm very jealous ... I'd be happy with just one! Thanks for sharing your pics!
  14. Gorgeous ! I hope one day you do decide to do a whole collection pic, from bits you've posted around the board, it must be so impressive ! :biggrin:
  15. I agree that the brown is actually quite unique. Thanks for posting.