MY 3 new bags and my new mini compagnon Pics inside

  1. :yahoo::wlae::nuts:
    I'm so happy about My new mini compagnon That I got saturday, I love french blue, the color is truly amazing
    I think it's so cute.

    Plus I finally took pics of my new 04 marron first ( I got it 2 weeks ago) and
    my amazing 05 black twiggy, the leather is to die for and I love the slouchiness of the twiggy ( it's one of my favorite Bbag) and the last one is my anthracite PT, the color is beautiful and the leather is so thick I love it.
  2. Nice bags you have!! I love your twiggy!!!! perfect leather distressing, congrats
  3. Wow!! :nuts: Gorgeous, gorgeous additions!! I love them all! Congrats!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. The god. Gorgeous! The French Blue color is so striking! Congrats on the lovely lot!
  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the leather on the Twiggy!!!
  6. OH! The whole lot is lovely, congratulations!
    I also lovelove the twiggy! The leather looks so great!
  7. WOW congrats on all your new goodies!
  8. Congratulations on all your new Bbags!
  9. What a great selection of bags and accessories!! I love FB too! Also, that anthracite PT has some fabulous leather - so yummy!
  10. OMG!! I lo:heart:e them ALL!!!! The colour of the compagnon is TDF soooo pretty!!!! The leather on your Twiggy is GORGEOUS, I really want to sniff it!!!!! :shame: Loving that Marron First... great colour!
  11. Badbananagirl, that's the yummiest :drool: anthracite that I've EVER seen! looks like 04 grey!

    The 04 Marron is equally drool-worthy, and your little wallet adds such a nice pop - must be easy to locate it inside any bag! Congrats, all wonderful!!!:heart:
  12. Gorgeous! Love the Compagnon!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!
  14. congrats!!! wow they are absoluty fabulous!!!
  15. Wow - it's xmas!!! Lovely bags!!! :yes: