my 3 new bags ^_^ ....escada , furla , chanel

  1. This month i think i did over purchase for bags :nuts: . I go shopping everyday and i can't stop buying something . :cry: . I buy all from cheap bags to expensive bags :wacko: but 3 of them i like most are :

    a light blue eluna bag with Swarovski crystal decor :


    one more light blue bag from Furla shop . I love its style so i bought a wallet with the same design :love:



    the last one is Chanel . I'm so in love with this bag , it took me a long time to find it .:love:

  2. Great bags! We just moved and with everything going on I haven't shopped but yesterday I was checking ebay and picked up a cute Kate husband is going to have a fit because I had 3 large cartons of bags to unpack and he's a little concerned because we have 2 LV boutiques (Worth Ave and PBG) less than 20 miles from our new home :smile:
  3. Nice! The light blue bag looks like a skirt, kheke.
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats, especially on the Furla!
  6. Very cute! I love the Chanel! Thanks for the pictures!
  7. <----- Shop-a-holic :P

    Love the Chanel!
  8. Cute bags! Congrats!
  9. Congrats ! I love the Chanel bag, well worth hunting down.
  10. Love your Chanel and the Furla wallet is soooo pretty! Congrats!
  11. love the chanel(i'm looking for the small scarf in the same style) and the furla is very cute!!!
    the escada is beautiful as well, but it reminds me of paris Hilton!;)
  12. ohh, those bags are so pretty. I love the furla set. The wallet is just too cute.
  13. i love the wallet! Good choice! :smile:
  14. I love that chanel!!!! And the other two are all fab!!!!
  15. That Chanel is so cute!!