my 3 little guys!!

  1. cute :love:
  2. Lol, that's really cute the way you have them all lined up!

    Ehh, so let me you like the Wapity? ;)

    But seriously, they're all really pretty! I'm sure you'll enjoy them!
  3. aww. the triplets are too cute!
  4. aww cuteness!
  5. really they get along well?? I wonder if white one think she's the pretties one LOL
  6. How cute!
  7. Now HERE is a lady who knows what she likes! They are all adorable! Lined up like little LV soldiers! Too cute!
  8. Yay for wapities! Which one do you find you use the most? I have the black but I really want a mono one too! I think mine is lonely all by himself. :lol:
  9. Absolutely Lovely!
  10. what a cute family!!
  11. Adorable! Ok, now I want one!!! :o)
  12. Awwwh! You have the trifecta!! Congrats! I'm so jealous!
  13. They're so cute. :love:
  14. SO CUTE!!!:love: