My 3 first Louis Vuittons! Reveal!


Mar 27, 2011
Sunny Coast, USA
Hi Everyone! I have followed this forum for a long time! Never thinking that I would be able to participate but enjoying nonetheless. Well now I can officially join! I am in Lvoe! I definitely didn't understand how amazing Louis Vuitton is and what beautiful craftsmanship goes into each product. I used my bags right away and they feel like the best things I have ever carried. Substantial, sturdy, I could go on and on. But I know you all get it!

The Sales Assistants were very nice too. They were patient and helpful. A customer was having a fit in the store and the manager never lost her cool and was very professional. The customer was trying to return a neverfull that was past the thirty days and appeared used. It was kind of a distraction for me but it kept my kids entertained so I could focus on my shopping.

It was an all around success for me so without further ado here are my reveals!!!!