My 2nd Work: Grenat!! PICS....

  1. My 1st is the SS work giant hardware.

    Ok so here it is. Grenat! I've been looking for an oversized red bbag that I can carry now plus all Fall & Winter.

    ( I really like it but do you think its TOO dark though? I'm flip flopping like a fish out of water: one minute I like :yahoo:, next I'm not so sure.

    I don't want to return it and then kick myself later regretting it! Like a 'what was I thinking to let it go?':push:

    I know the thing about if you don't like. Return. But I dooo like! See? flip flop. ps. just got it yesterday from a NM.
    DSC04322.jpg DSC04363.jpg DSC04376.jpg DSC04379.jpg
  2. I think it looks great on you especially against your lovely skin tone. Grenat is not too dark... and like you said it will be great now and through the fall/ winter. I think you should keep it. If you change your mind a few months down the road you can always find it a new home;).
  3. In photos it always looks gorgeous to me - and it looks great on you in these photos! In real life, however, I've never liked it as much - seems too dark and not enough color to it - but I am not very fond of neutral bbag colors and prefer colors with some 'pop' to them.
  4. It's beautiful. I defiantly don't think it's too dark.
  5. First, congrats on another bbag. Wow girl, you're on a roll! lol.

    Take your time finding the perfect bag for you. I think sometimes in our desire to acquire a new bag we rush into decisions or buy "substitute" bags (i.e. I want a dark red similar to Rouge Theatre and told myself that I would wait for the new season red, hoping it will be like RT. However, my desire to purchase a new red bbag is so strong I'm considering every red color even though it's not my original desired color). Buying substitute bags appeases the I-just-got-a-new-bag rush but that will eventually fade and you'll find yourself still searching for that "perfect" red you originally wanted.

    My personal rule of thumb regarding the popular "should I or shouldn't I" question is this: If you weren't bowled over with the "WOWZA" factor when you opened that box then it wasn't meant to be. If I have any inkling of a doubt that last more than 1 hour I return the bag. To me, 1K + is a lot to spend on a bag if you aren't instantly in love. I've tried keeping bags to "learn to love them" but they always end up on the selling block. And again, they aren't giving these bags out for free. You pay premium for the model, leather and design - but also for the euphoric state of love-lust-bag happiness. KWIM?
  6. oh, i love it, congrats!!
  7. wow. so well said. My desire for the perfect oversized red bag is extremely high so I really understand what you are saying. I'll see how it goes over the coming days...
  8. ITA - this color looks amazing on you!! i dont' know what NM's return policy is, but if you can keep it and live with it for a while, you should. especially if you think you'll regret returning it later...
    the bag looks great, seriously. awesome color :tup:
  9. Karenab- to me it looks as if Grenat was made especially for you. Amazing with your skin-tone.
  10. congrats with a new Babg Work!!
    i don't think its too dark!...this red can be very sexy!! and yes i agree most importantly it works perfectly with your skin tone!
  11. Okay, Bordeaux is still my favorite red on you but this is my second pick. Somehow I just think you wear the deep reds so well! I have not been a Grenat fan because my bag was so icky but the leather and color on this one look fabulous! Especially in the last pic. :drool: Is it closest IRL to pics 2 and 4?
  12. Here's a couple more shots of it... on me a bit better....
    DSC04381.jpg DSC04380.jpg
  13. I know, I agree with this for the most part but I can't tell you how many times I was disappointed when I first opened the box because I had built something up in my mind to be the ultimate, mother-of-all, die-happy color. Then a few weeks later I realize I must have been out of my MIND to doubt the color/style/leather. I can't even trust my own first instincts. :wacko:
  14. Yes. PIC # 2 and 4 are the closest to how it looks irl....

    I didn't like the purple undertone to bordeaux and it was just TOO DARK to feel like I was carrying a red bag but I obviously have a deep attraction to rich reds since I've had 2 bordeauxs (a twiggy and a first) and sold them both. PLUS, before joining this board, I had an oxblood day (oxblood is another word for Grenat correct?) I returned it to Balny because it was defective...

    My relationship with reds runs deep I've noticed now that I've written all of this out...I have wanted a nice BIG red bag though. Something oversized looking that is nice and slouchy for summer AND for the dead of winter.
  15. Thats me right now!!! lolol...!!!