my 2nd WOC reveal!!~

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  1. hi babes! i recieved my Chanel order today! :yahoo:
    chanel WOC1 031.jpg chanel WOC1 002.jpg chanel WOC1 025.jpg
  2. Lucky you! I would love to own a WOC! I'm sure it's a beauty :heart:
  3. reveal reveal :woohoo:
  4. yes dinitegrity, we're offically bag twins now! i love it! but i notice my the front flap of my halfmoon isnt exactly flat. what i mean is that if you look at the pics below, the leather on the front flap is kinda wavy? i wonder if it was crumpled by someone or something. but it just doesnt lie flat the way i think it is supposed to be? dinitegrity or others who own the hafmoon, is this normal?

    and pardon my dressing in the last pic! im too lazy to change out of my sleepwear. bleah

    chanel WOC1 007.jpg

    chanel WOC1 001.jpg

    chanel WOC1 010.jpg

    chanel WOC1 038.jpg

    chanel WOC1 014cropped.jpg
  5. A half moon! Congrats!!! I am officially jealous :P
  6. lovely!!! my inspiration... right?? Rmb to post in the WOC thread!!
    I think the wavy part supposed to be normal? But after you fit things in, it would look better.
  7. Oh I want one now too. :nuts: Congrats.
  8. congrats on your new WOC!
  9. hi thanks everyone! this is a really roomy WOC as compared to my sevruga...

    dinitegrity: glad to hear that its normal. and yes, i was inspired by your WOC thread!
  10. Congrats! Beautiful bag. Can't wait to get one.
  11. I love this woc, especially in this color!
  12. :tup::tup:
  13. Oh congrats!!! I'm waiting for a black one..yours just makes me drool..all over my keyborad lol!!! Looks great on you too!!
  14. VALERIE_HH......... I love your WOC, and the flap looks fine to me! Enjoy :heart:
  15. It's gorgeous, congrats! I have the black one and now your photos make me want a white one too.