My 2nd Tano is here...need your opinion!


Jul 30, 2007
So far both of the Tano's I've purchased have come from Anthropologie. I've never seen them on here or anywhere else, so I have no idea what the styles or colors are called.

This one arrived today...Anthropologie calls it the Covetous Shoulderbag. It's a lovely milk chocolate brown, with a wonderful pebbly texture. The interior is lined in brown fabric and has 3 sections, the middle of which is zippered. I'm still not certain I'm going to keep it, so I need your opinions!

It's very much leather, leather, everywhere...I don't usually like tons of hardware on my bags, which is what attracted me to this one.

Here is the picture from the Anthropologie website:

But once I first opened the box, it was a shapeless mess:

It looked much better once I put things inside!

What do you ladies think? Is it too messy and unfinished looking? I have no idea how Anthropologie managed to get it so neat looking in their photo...

And here is my very first Tano, also from Anthropologie (I just never got around to posting a picture). It's kind of a mix between olive green and khaki. I looooooooooooooooove this bag and have been carrying it nonstop!


tano expert

Oct 18, 2006
Hmmm.. all that matters is if YOU love it. If you are on the fence, I say send it back! $200 ish should buy you something that you LOVE.


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Mar 15, 2009
Land of Labradors!
Doesn't quite look the same huh?

But I agree...if you love it, then keep it...the leather looks smooshy soft...and maybe let it hang with some stuff in it and see if it grows on you...

I have learned if it doesn't you are better off sending it back...

I do love your first Tano...gorgeous color!


Jul 11, 2007
Jack Rabbit Slim's
The leather looks smooshy and lovely but it doesn't have a lot of shape to it for sure.....if you aren't 100% in love I'd send it back. It must be really stuffed in Anthro's pic.


Purse crazed
Feb 23, 2008
Northern California/Central Valley
Yeah, that brown bag looked better in the pictures than IRL. Personally, I'd send it back. The green one is really great though, it reminds me of a bag I've been debating on buying-the secret diservice which has the same shape but the straps are braided.