My 2nd summer bag! ...

  1. Hi everyone! Am so happy to share with you my second summer bag. the first one was a giant day in natural which i have been wearing with my tank tops and jeans or loose tops with shorts. Now, this would be perfect with a nice summer dress :p love it! it was the last one in the shop. i guess i got lucky :yahoo: >epi soufflot in ivorie
    Soufflot.jpg Soufflot 1.jpg Soufflot a.jpg
  2. very pretty! lucky u!

  3. Very pretty! Congrats!
  4. It's SO pretty! Congrats!
  5. gorgeous....the ivorie is so stunning in the soufflout.
  6. it is so pretty , congrats !
  7. That third pic makes me drool! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! Looks great
  9. Gorgeous! The Ivoire goes sooo well with that bandeau! Congrats, I'm sure you'll look stunning with it!
  10. Oh that's soooo pretty! Congrats!
  11. YEAH!! The Ivory epi is just gorgeous! CONGRATS!
  12. soo pretty! congrats
  13. Gorgeous! So beautiful. Congrats!
  14. looks esp great with the bandeau!
  15. ooohh- the Soufflot looks so good in ivoire :drool: Love the bandeau as well!