My 2nd Sabrina

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  1. OK, I just stopped by to look in Macys and found my 2nd Sabrina. But it was on sale!!! 30% + 20% macys coupon and I just fell in love with chocolate brown :P

    2nd Sabrina (12947 SMALL OpArt brown)

    1st Sabrina (12948 LARGE patent camel) I found this at outlet last year.
  2. I love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful!!!!!
  4. I adore them both!! I think Sabrina is one of the few bags that I love just as much in both canvas and leather and that's saying a lot since all my bags are leather! Great find :smile:
  5. That brown is very pretty...the first one you have I just recently learned about and really really liked!! Then I learned it was htf now...
  6. I love the brown and brass it's so pretty. Do you know if they had the large sabrina?
  7. Don't you just love Sabrina's - both of yours, are just beautiful.
  8. Great color! Congratulations.
  9. i fell in love and snagged an acorn one a few weeks ago. congrats on yours =]
  10. Love them!!! Congrats
  11. Love your Sabrina's. I noticed u still have the tag on the Camel Patent. Why haven't u used her yet? She is gorgeous! Rip that tag off girl and carry her :biggrin: this is one beautiful bag! Congrats!
  12. OMG I want those bags!!!!!! Beautiful:smile:
  13. Very Pretty!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. Thanks all. I prefer to carry shoulder bags but now it's time to transition into the satchel. I like carrying Sabrina on my arm or hand and the option to switch to shoulder strap if needed. It is such a classic and pretty style. Now I am concerned that I might end up also getting the new MFF versions to add to my collection:smile:
  15. Large Sabrina Patent Leather 12948
    15"(L) X 9"(H) X 5 3/4"(W)

    Medium Madison Sabrina OpArt 12947
    12.5" (L) x 6.5" (H) x 5.5" (W)