My 2nd RM bag!

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  1. Hey all,

    I am pretty new to TPF but have been a fan for awhile now! After discovering it, I have purchased 1 RM MAM in night w/ pewter and I just ordered my second RM- the ocean Nikki.

    Just wanted to say hi to yall and thanks for posting about all the great deals, pics, etc!

    Nice to meet you all :smile:
  2. congrats!! remember to post pics of your babies when you get it!
  3. Congrats and welcome to our forum!
  4. Welcome! U will love it here! Congrats on ur 2 RM! Great choice! :yes:
  5. Welcome, you will love it here! We all do :biggrin:
  6. Yayyy! Welcome, congrats on your beauties!
  7. Ocean Nikki is an awesome choice! I love the color on this bag; its very aptly named IMO. I can't wait to see your pics!
  8. Thanks all!

    GUNG, you are my RM idol!

    I love reading your posts and looking at all your pics, even my bf knows you by name because i talk about it that much.
  9. Oh wow! I love Ocean!!! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  10. Welcome! Please do post pics or your new babies
  11. Welcome! Great to have you here! Enjoy your beautiful RM bags!
  12. Weclome to the club. Can't wait for the pics.
  13. Welcome to the forum! :flowers: I can't wait to see your photos. I'll be waiting...:popcorn:
  14. Yay it shipped out today, i'll post pics as soon as it arrives.
  15. welcome and the Ocean Nikki is a great color!