My 2nd pair - Oh My Slings

  1. So this is another addiction I need to curb. :roflmfao:

    I've been itching for another pair of loubs but its hard to get them in Singapore. The store that carries them bring in very limited designs, colours and sizes but thanks to lady deluxe again, I have my 2nd pair and they fit so well!!! It's scary to buy them online since we can't try them on and the sizes run so differently.
    So this is the story, lady deluxe went shopping one day and called me to tell me she tried the oh my slingbacks and the toe box is pretty wide and that I should try it. So she put my size on hold and we met the next day with another lovely TPFer. I tried them on and man they fit so well. I have broad feet so finding a pair that doesn't hurt sideways or look like my flesh is being stuffed is tough. So all you broadies out there who have the same problem as me, go try them!

    Here are some pictures. I brightened the pictures up ALOT since the lighting in my room is bad. My legs and feet look so fair/white in the pictures. :roflmfao:




  2. Woweee gf!!! They look so good on you..........
    Those red soles are really sexy!!!
  3. Aurora, Congrats! I love those in black patent.

    I also was surprised at how comfortable the O My Sling was as compared, for example, to the Decollete's toebox. It felt as though it was cut wider than other styles.
  4.'s even look more gorgeous on you after u took these pictures....even though i've seen IRL

    In fact, i've been thinkin abt this shoes since yest after i saw you bought them....i was like, shld i?? shld i get these....LOL

    Still thinkin real hard....:smile:
  5. bagmad73: Thank you dear. Wish you had been there yesterday too!

    stinam: Thank you. Yes, they're really comfty and cut much wider than most styles I've tried on.

    Celia: You look fab in them too, They are gorgeous though, the fit and comfort suit us so well..
  6. Oh dear....i'm in BIG trouble which means i will have another big hole in my pocket....LOL

    I'm supposed to be on purse ban and now i'm goin to break my ban once again....LOL, we jus can't stop buyin & buyin whenever we see nice things:lol::lol:
  7. I'm already in big trouble...LOL..You know exactly whats next on my list...But yeah, its hard to resist especially with Ms. C around..:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Wow--those look really, really pretty on you! CONGRATS!!!
  9. I love them! LadyDeluxe is such a sweetie!!!! We are all so very happy to help each other and this is yet another one of those stories that proves it!:yes:
  10. LOLLL i'm so sorryyy (not very apologetic though ha ha) for enabling you but you know me! heeee they're TDF esp when you wore it, i totally went "OMG YOU JUST HAVE TO GET IT!" lol. after seeing the photos, i'm 100% convinced that they look incredibly hot on you! :drool:
  11. ^ LOL Thanks for the compliment. No regrets at all but I just had to blame it on you. :whistle:Love love love them
  12. ^ LOLLLLLLL i tell myself to stop spreading the CL fever but i just can't help it... :girlsigh: i love the Oh My's - they are a hybrid between the decolletes and rolandes!
  13. I love ladydeluxe ;)
    The Oh My slings are classy! Are these comfy?
  14. Congrats they seem to fit you perfectly, what a great elegant and classic pair I am shure you will get a lot of use out of them!
  15. OH MY they look great on you!! now I want them especially bc my feet are broad as well in the toe area. No wonder my SA was trying to get me to try them on, lol