My 2nd pair of Louboutins: Silver Miminette Wedges!

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  1. My second pair of Louboutins! Aaaaah!!!

    I was at Neiman's today and they were having a huge shoe sale. Got this last pair for $381!! Couldn't resist, they look so fab! Reminds me of the shine from the LV Miroir line...without further adieu:


    They are so comfortable, but run very small! I usually fit 6 1/2 but these are 7 1/2! Regardless, they feel so great and I cannot wait to wear them tomorrow!!! I know mooks has the black patent pair and I was about to get those too but they didn't have my size...I think silver is refreshing though!
  2. omg u r so lucky u got those on sale. CONGRAT!!!! i have the gold ones. WHich other shoes did they have on sale??
  3. I also came home with some Fendi ballet flats, on sale for $250! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats!!!!
  5. love both pairs!
  6. Lovely, I have them in black patent
  7. love both shoes, congrats!!
  8. congrats, such a good deal :love:
  9. those are so cute! I want....

    I've got those Fendi flats, too, they are adorable (unfortunately I paid full price!)
  10. Oh, i love the fendi flats. Congrats. Great deals!
  11. Congrats, they're adorable!
  12. thank you all :heart:
  13. I love both pairs, congrats!
  14. i luv both pairs, congrats!
  15. Congrats Beautiful!
    I am pretty sure I have seen your wedges in red and blue... Owel Beautiful shoes!