My 2nd MBMJ Baby Aidan in "Nice Tan"...Return or keep?

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  1. Ok fellow TPF'ers I made the purchase today. Thanks again for your opinions. I got the "Nice Tan" color and I'm debating if I should keep it or not? I was also eyeing the "Newsprint" color too. Like I mentioned before I have this one in black too. This color is different but neutral. It looks better in person. I'm still debating on the color. What do you think?? Should I keep this one or get the Newsprint??

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  2. Personally, I really like and prefer newsprint, but since you already have this same style in black, I would go for something different and stick with the nice tan.
  3. I'd keep Nice Tan since you already have the same in black. Newsprint is too close to black imo. If you wanted a grey bag, I really prefer the Faded Alluminum over the Newsprint. :smile: I had one of those once upon a time.
  4. since you already have black id keep the tan
  5. Thanks everyone. I like the tan color. I think the newsprint is more dark gray right? I will have to see it in person. Thanks for all your input!
  6. Newsprint is a darker shade of grey with some olive undertones.
  7. Now I really want to see it in person!! Sounds like a nice color. :biggrin:
  8. It's a really nice color! The Petal to the Metal newsprint has more olive in it than the turnlock version, so I think the turnlock version is just perfect. :tup:
  9. i like it, but i prefer faded aluminum for sure over nice tan or newsprint
  10. I love it, isn't there a big verison?
  11. Thanks!! I'm not sure if they make the larger one in this color. :biggrin:
  12. i think this color is so rich. i really like it, but you should see newsprint before you decide. i'm a sucker for grey.
  13. This is the LAST time..heehee!! I went to the mall today and I looked at the other colors. The newsprint is cute too but it had a touch of olive to it. But guess what color I'm ordering????? FADED ALUMINUM!!!! OMG! The color is gorgeous. They didn't have the Aidan in that color. Luckily the SA ordered it for me!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Congrats! Hope you like the lavender.
  15. Thanks!!! :smile: