My 2nd LV handbag, please help!

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  1. So I have the Neverfull MM in damier Ebene and I love it. I also own the Insolite wallet in monogram. I am a mom of a 2 year old and in the process of trying to have another baby. As much as I love the monogram canvas I like to stay away from it due to the vachetta leather so I prefer damier Ebene because of the treated leather. I use to own the speedy 25 in monogram years ago but then passed it down to my niece. So my question to all of you... what should be my official 2nd LV bag be in my collection? I am going back and forth between the Bloomsbury PM or the Speedy 30 Bandouliere. I don't carry much in my neverfull now but I really need another bag since I only use my neverfull and refuse to waste my money on any other brands. I carry my wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys, and small makeup bag. I usually don't carry my bag when I am with my daughter most of the time I will just put my wallet in her diaper bag but would like to change it up sometimes.
  2. There's a big size difference between these to bags which I love, I love the diversity of the Bloomsbury very much but with kids a bigger bag would be better as an option to have - did you check the 25b? It's small but Romani and structured
  3. I think that the Speedy B 30 in DE is going to give you the most bang for your buck. You get a handbag, shoulder bag, and cross body bag in a worry-free, all-weather material that you can dress up or down for numerous occasions.

    Bloomsbury is a great cross body bag; but that's it. It's not as versatile.

    Hope this helps!
  4. The speedy b would be much more practical, especially with another child coming you never know when you just might need that extra space. Maybe the speedy b 25 would work for you since you don't carry too much. I also like that the 25 doesn't sag too much :smile:
  5. I agree.
  6. Speedy b 30 gets my vote.
  7. Another vote for Speedy B DE 30. With children I think you will need some extra room in your bag! Speedy B DE is very chic, low-maintenance, practical and can be worn in different ways.
  8. The Speedy B DE 30! For the occasions you don't need a "mom" bag, the Speedy B will crossover beautifully!
  9. Speedy B....
    I love and use mine more than I thought I would.
  10. Wow thanks guys you def have helped me out a lot. So speedy 30b it is even though I don't carry a lot I think the 30 is the better way to go for me. Thanks so much. One last thing I was thinking about get a milla clutch to use as a wallet, do any of you recommend it? Thanks again!!
  11. My Bloomie GM is my most used bag, but I can see the versatility of the Speedy B
  12. bloomsbury is really really easy to use...just my humble opinion.
  13. I'm back to be so confused on what one I want to get. Love the bloomsbury cause of the crossbody wear and not sure in the speedy 30 bandouliere is as comfortable to wear crossbody. Does anyone have any pics of wearing the speedy 30 bandouliere crossbody, thanks for all the input.