My 2nd LV Bag!!!

  1. I read that a lot of PF members who love the Cabas Mezzo (like Coldplaylover), so I decided to get one on Thursday, and Monday afternoon my beautiful new bag arrived! I got it off of Eluxury, and I think they're starting to know me pretty well because they upgraded my shipping! :amuse:

    I been meaning to post my pictures of the items I got before, but the pictures I took at home came out real bad, so I took pictures at work. I got the Pochette Accessories, the photo frame that holds 2 pictures, key and change holder, Trousse Toilette (the larger one), Poche Toilette 19, and the Small Ring Agenda with the note paper refills. I decided to take all my goodies to work to take pics :graucho: I brought all with me except my Trousse Toilette, because it's too big. The first two pictures are from my 1st LV, the Batignolles Horizontal:heart::love:
    Batignolles Horizontal.jpg My BH.jpg Cabas Mezzo.jpg Cabas Mezzo New.jpg Inside Cabas Mezzo.jpg Inside Pocket.jpg
  2. Congrats on a lovely bag and your awesome collection!
  3. CONGRATS!!!:love:
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Congrat's on your new bag and great collection.
  6. Congrats on the Mezzo! I love all your items:yes: !
  7. Hooray for Mezzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will adore it....great choice!
  8. the mezzo looks nice
    looks comfy to carry around
  9. woohoo! nice monogram collection!
  10. Great collection!! Enjoy!
  11. Great choice !! Congrats!!!
    What size photo will fit into that photo holder ??
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. wow! what a fabulous collection! congrats
  15. Thank you guys!! The straps are a bit tight to get used to. I need to break it in. I'm loving the size of it, it's so perfect for me. :love: I kinda wish that the inside pocket was zipped though. But it's still perfect! I didn't realize how pale the vachetta was until I got it. I was so used of the honey color that my BH straps were.

    I'm scared of messing up the vachetta on the bottom, but I know how careful I am. :smile: That's why at work, I set it on something, and at home I just put it on top of clothes.

    Oh yea, the photo frame will fit a picture from an inch and some wide and it looks like an inch and a half tall. I don't have a ruler to measure exactly.:sad: