My 2nd Hermes

  1. So this Christmas, dh surprised our family with a trip to Vegas and California. It was such a wonderful and well thought out plan that when he asked what I wanted as a gift, I told him the trip was the gift and nothing more. So we got back recently and this past Friday I got a call to see some new heart-shaped coin purses at LV but they didn't have the color I wait listed for. DH tried to sweeten the deal and told me he'd buy me the newest style bag to go with the coin purse but I couldn't do it knowing it just wasn't my style or color.

    So the next day the kids had martial arts class but dh cancelled and instead took us all for a family day out at Waikiki. We walked around and had lunch and I denied his offer to stop in LV. On our way back to the parking garage, we saw Hermes and DH had us stop in because he wanted to smell their cologne. I was afraid we were going to be snubbed but the SAs were really friendly and greeted us at the door. On a whim, we started looking at bags and Dh liked the Lindy but when I tried it on he didn't like how wide the base was. I liked the Evelyn and dh liked the Picotin so I tried both on. We all agreed the look of the Picotin is super cute but with kids, the shoulder bag would be best but they did not have the color I asked for. Then SA realized she had a bag in a dark color I might prefer. She brought it out and I tried it on and it was perfect. DH was a little surprised by the look because it was very subtle but very classy. DH asked if I'd prefer that over the heart coin purse at LV and I told him "YES!" And so he had the SA ring us up and told her it was my Christmas present. I asked "Christmas present? Not Valentine's?" and he said yes, that's my Christmas present from him and to use it now. :yahoo:

    This is my HG bag and I am in love. I told him I would not get another H bag for a while because I love this and will now be concentrating on starting the rainbow in my bag and getting some scarves to accessorize with. He just laughed. I've already decided I need some new clothes to go with this bag. Our SA was really great and turned my dh around to Hermes. Funny enough LV called right after we were done shopping to tell me they were sorry about the mix up and had my gold heart available for me to pick up. It turned out to be the best late call ever because if I had gotten the heart, dh would never have taken us out and gone to Hermes, and I would not have gotten my bag.

    Pics in the next post....
  2. Ok, where did she go?
  3. Ooh can´t wait to see pics, sounds great!
  4. Introducing my newest purse, the black Massai PM with palladium hardware. I absolutely love it and can hardly believe it is mine. :girlsigh:
    hr7.jpg hr8.jpg hr5.jpg hr1.jpg
  5. Reveal....Reveal.....Reveal.....*CHANT CHANT CHANT*
  6. Hehe, sorry about earlier. It said my files were too big so I had to go and resize them. Hope you enjoy the pics. This is my one and only Hermes bag and it's perfect.
  7. You look so great with your Massai, what a fantastic bag!! Congratulations!
  8. Thank you so much! I had no clue about this bag until the SA brought it out for me to try on. I am still admiring looking it and touching the leather.
  9. Yaaaaayyy, Congrats! You wear her well! Enjoy and wear her in great health!
  10. Congrats on your gorgeous, some things are meant to happen like that for a reason.
  11. Thank you Nola and hello2703. DH has no idea what he's started. This bag will satisfy me for a long, long time. However when it comes to accessories....

    Scarves, twillys, bangles, and small leather goods, here I come! :biggrin:
  12. Suzie, thank you. I believe this Massai was meant to be mine. It just so happen to be the only one in that color at that store and dh was feeling generous.
  13. congratulations!!
  14. Hehe, thank you mrssparkles. I feel like celebrating and playing with it.
  15. Congrats! It's a nice bag and looks good on you!

    Your snow baby is so adorable!