my 2nd hermes bag is finally here =)...

  1. hi ladies,

    i posted a thread a while back about my 2nd hermes bag purchase. due to the busy postal service, my package arrived a week late...but she's finally, i'd like to share my excitement with you.

    here're some pics of my massai gm in black clemence with brushed gold hardware:smile:.

    i've decided to include some modeling picture cause i'm not very sure about how it looks on me. it's very big and whilst i like big bag (cause i'm a sahm with 2 young kids), i'm wondering if it looks ok or not. please weigh in your suggestions whether she is a keeper or not. i know that dh wasn't very impressed with it...his only comment was "it's big and look like a saddle bag":sweatdrop:. i love the leather though, it's :love:

    happy holidays:flowers:

    ps: please excuse my messy closet:sweatdrop:
    massaibox.jpg massaidustbag.jpg massai.jpg massaimod1.jpg massaimod2.jpg
  2. It's a beatiful bag. It conforms to you naturally to make a perfect marriage. Enjoy! Have a happy new year.
  3. I am usually not a big Massai fan but I have to say that I really like the way it looks on you! I really like it a lot! :tup:
  4. Pretty! Worth the wait!
  5. Congrats!! Looks great on ya!! :yes:
  6. Maria~ Congratulations on your new bag, great modeling pics I must say~ Cheers!:girlsigh:
  7. congrats!
  8. how rare is that! brushed gold hw!!!! what a beautiful bag! you wear it so well! congratulations!
  9. looks beautiful on you! Congrats and wear it in good health :heart:
  10. Wow.. that bag looks fab on you!!! Congrats!:heart:
  11. Comgrats on your bag! I hate it when the mail is slow :hysteric: It looks beautiful on you!
  12. What a wonderful bag! It looks so fabulous on you! Enjoy your new beauty!!!!
  13. maria, the moment I enlarged your first action picture I said: "On yes!":tup:. It is a beautiful Massai in black with brushed gold hardware! What's not to like? It looks gorgeous on you hands down. And re:"it's big and look like a saddle bag", - it is Hermes, it suppose to remind of horses :okay:.
    My personal verdict: It is a keeper! :yes:
  14. Gorge! Just in time for Christmas
    Enjoy in good health!
  15. Maria ~ You Are Made To Wear A Massai ~ It's Gorgeous!!!!!!