My 2nd GUCCISSIMA bag!!!! pics!!

  1. yay, I've got my second guccissima bag :yahoo:! My 3rd if you count the shoppingbag too :p.

    I've got a charm too and a black belt too. I wanted a chocolate guccissima belt to match my bag but they had only a few but with silver hardware not with the light gold hardware :crybaby:. I'll have to wait until the new fall/winter collection probably ... not much chocolate in the cruise.

    it was 745€ for the bag, 140€ for the charm and 220 for the belt.

    and I'm on the presale list :yahoo:! my SA said something about clothes on presale (only)? Ah well, I'll know it when it's presale!!

    I had to take pics from my camera on my computer so the pics are not that great.
    But enjoy!!!! I'll take better pics once I get my camera back in about 10 days :push:.

    presenting: chocolate guccissima abbey shoulder!!!
    shoppingbag01.jpg abbey01.jpg abbey04.jpg abbey05.jpg abbey06.jpg
  2. more!!
    abbeycharm02.jpg abbeyside01.jpg charm001.jpg belt02.jpg
  3. absolutely have such exquisite taste! :tup: very very very nice purchase!!! GREAT JOB!!!! i wish to have at least one guccissima bag someday! Congratulations!!!! keep those pics coming....
  4. I always love your bags! This one is gorgeous, I love the guccissima leather!
  5. Oh, Leslie such a nice bag, you are a lucky girl :tup:
  6. i love the new bag Lesile. CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  7. oow waw such great compliments!! :flowers: :heart: love you girls, you're awesome!!!

    here are some more pics. hope they are better. I tried other light. It's not easy cause the camera is inserted in the screen and you cannot turn it...
    gg1.jpg gg2.jpg gg3.jpg gg4.jpg gg6.jpg
  8. Your bag was nice, but now with this pic :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. love the purchases! congrats!
  10. Was this one sale? and how much is that in US dollars?

  11. It's lovely!
  12. Very nice! Lucky gal! Makes me want to munch on chocolate now :lol:
  13. thanks so much:wlae:!

    Hi Gucci_coochie,
    no it was not on sale. We don't have sales yet here, and I don't think this classic is going to be on sale...
    If I convert it to $ on I get 1090$. (= exactly the same price as on
  14. yeah, strange effect: I just wanna lick it :drool: hihi.
  15. Maybe Gucci will come up w/ a Guccissima pattern chocolate bar! And give them to loyal customers like us!

    Love your bag, I want one! But I already have a black Guccissima and a lavender one, not sure about brown... what color outfit are you going to wear w/ the beauty?