My 2nd Coach!

  1. Yes, this is not my first one.. But I never posted the pics of my first Coach Goodies.. :biggrin: It was a wallet and I use it everyday. :biggrin:

    My second Coach is a signature bangle that my sister gave to me when she went back from USA. She studied there for a year and this is what she got me when she came back here in Hong Kong! :yahoo:

    I tried using it already yesterday, and it's soo gorgeous! I'm still looking forward to owning a Coach Handbag! Hehe!
    DSC04832.JPG DSC04834.JPG DSC04835.JPG
  2. My two Coach Goodies.. And I :heart: them! :biggrin:
  3. My Coach Wallet..
    DSC04838.JPG DSC04837.JPG
  4. That bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!! And you will love your first Coach bag when you get one I'm sure! There are so many styles to choose from!:love:
  5. omigosh! i have the exact same wallet in the same color! i love it! my boyfriend bought it for me last year when we were at the coach outlet in vacaville together. don't you love it? plus the signature lining? soooo pretty!

    i love that bracelet!
  6. Thanks bagologist!! And I'm looking forward with owning a Coach Handbag too! My longest lust with Coach handbags is the Legacy Satchel!! Hehe! But I can't find a white.. Is there any white one released anyway?! :biggrin:

    lunatwinkle: Yes!! I love this wallet very much.. Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: A friend of mine bought it for me when she went to USA for a holiday last December. :biggrin: I love it.. It fits with every handbag I use and the color is sooo beautiful! :biggrin:
  7. Very pretty...Congrats!
  8. ^thanks cginny! :biggrin: Ohhh I forgot to mention.. That is not my older sister who got my bangle... It's my younger sister! :biggrin: I don't have any older sister! :biggrin:
  9. OOOOO...the bracelet is TOO gorgeous! :nuts:
    And yes...they do have a white Legacy satchel and it is TDF. Here is an eBay pic:
  10. beautiful bracelet!
  11. Very pretty bracelet- you have a sweet sister
  12. Thanks knuttybar!! It's soo gorgeous! I was thinking of a Signature Legacy satchel with white leather instead of blue.. Was that ever released??

    rethreads & blew415: Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. oh my goodness, that is too cute!
    your sister is a sweetheart!
  14. ^thanks bethann! Actually, she's asking something in return. LOL. That's why she's sweet! Haha.. At least she's sweet and thoughtful and it's all worth it! :biggrin:
  15. I LOVE Coach bangles.:heart: Unfortunately, I don't have any yet. Congrats! :yahoo: