My 2nd Chanel! -- 'Le Marais' -- PICS


Sep 5, 2007
Presenting my second Chanel bag:

My black 'Le Marais' flap!

I bought it at the Chanel Boutique (SN3) in Antwerp. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was (well, for Chanel at least! :P): 790€ / $1163 !

It's coated canvas and, as you can see on the pictures, has this lovely metallic shine to it. :supacool:

The straps are a bit shorter than those on my satin Reissue, but still have a decent length.

And this bag is so lightweight!!! I love that!

I think this bag is cool yet sophisticated, and youthfull but also timeless at the same time! And, according to my SA, very durable!

Perfect for me! :yes:

Enjoy the pics:


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