My 2nd Chanel in 3 weeks, ultimate soft

  1. I am on a major purse ban now. I bought the Diamond Stitch Tote in black just about three weeks ago, and the SA at my local Saks called and told me she got a black ultimate soft in. Since it's a little smaller and dressier than the tote, I need it right? Here it is, sorry for the carpy picture but I was in a hurry....

  2. I LOVE IT!! I think you and are on the same rate. I bought 3 Chanel bags in 4 weeks and was out looking today for another one.

    There is a Chanel for every occasion. So why not?
  3. Love it!! Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Yes, why not! My 40th birthday is coming up Saturday, so what better present? I am loving this purse!
  5. YES!

    If you don't need it than I sure do need it! :lol:
  6. Good for you, you should definitely keep it!
  7. really cute, its a keeper.
  8. That is such a great bag!
  9. LUCKY YOU!! I wanted this bag so badly. Congrats!
  10. OK I need a modeling pic of this bag..I've seen it before but I need to see it again..LOVE this bag!!! I have the daimond stitch flap coming in the next day or too but the more I see this one I'm having second thoughts..D*MN!!! Hate when that happens!!

    And good for you re:2 Chanels in 3 weeks...The prices are going up so if you were going to purchase them anyways you saved $$$, right?! Just use them to get the $$$ worth...then it really is worth it!! Congrats!
  11. yay! love it! congrats:yahoo:
  12. BEAUTIFUL BAG, enjoy it.
  13. Gorgeous bag! Welcome to the dark side! ;)
  14. LOVES!!!!

    Congrats..we need a modeling pic!!!!
  15. Gorgeous. Congrats!