My 2nd Chanel bag!

  1. I finally bought my 2nd Chanel bag: medium black classic flap in lambskin with silver hardware and I just love it.
    I was never really in love with the classic flap in caviar but I really fell for the lambskin. :love:
    It's my first real evening bag which is a bit dressier but it looks great with jeans and a cashmere sweater, too.
    It holds enough for a shopping day, too so for me it's perfect!
    For now I'm really satisfied with all my bags because I got every bag I wanted. So I can lay back and wait for the fall/winter collection to come out:graucho:
    Here she is with her big sister my grey reissue in 227 which looks huge in comparison to her.
    chanel 008.jpg chanel 009.jpg
  2. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! Loving your Chanel sisters - Talk about epitome of classic!
  3. beautiful tanja! congrats!:yahoo:
  4. the start of a beautiful collection! congrats
  5. isn't the lambskin gorgeous!! Congrats! Both your bags are awesome!
  6. They are both stunning!! Congratulations Tanja!!! :yahoo:

  7. so pretty together, congrats!
  8. ooh lambskin~:drool:


    what a great addition to your *growing* family!:yes:
  9. Wow. Love them both. congrats:smile:
  10. Gorgeous Tanja! Congrats on your beautiful lambskin flap. *sigh* your Reissue takes my breath away every time I see it!
  11. Nice!!!
  12. Preeeeeeeeeetty! :tender:
  13. Thanks, ladies for the kind comments!
    Thanks a lot for the bigger pics, Butterfliie!:smile:
  14. your chanels are tdf!!! Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous bags!!!