my 2nd chanel and it's from the cabas again :)

  1. OMG! i always thought i wouldn't love the baby cabas, but when i get the chance to have it, i grabbed it and wondered if i would love it or not :p
    and when it's arrived, i :heart: it!!!

    still not managed to love the diamond stitching though, but overall i LOVE this!
    and although it looks small, it's slightly bigger than my balenciaga city!
    and the chain handles don't hurt my shoulders at all like i felt when i use my large coco cabas :yes:

    here's some pocs of me wearing it with plain tee & jeans, and with something a little more dressed up :p
    and comparison photos :yes:

    thanks for letting me share my utter happiness here :yes:
  2. no pix
  3. oops.. will try again :p

    intee.jpg indress.jpg bothcabas.jpg cabas_citytogether.jpg
  4. wowwww what a fantastic bag! It looks great on you...congrats! And, nice outfit too :smile:

    Where did you get the cabas?
  5. beautiful!! I like your dress too!! :love:
  6. it's such a great bag, it looks great on you! love all your bags too!
  7. It looks so cute on you! :yes: Congrats!
    And- thanks for all the comparison pics, they are very helpful to get an idea of it's size.;)
  8. Congrats! looking good ;)
  9. Yay, congratulations!! :yahoo: You and the cabas both look awesome :jammin:
  10. looks great! i am so excited you love it!:yahoo:
  11. thank u all girls.... :love:
    mimi, i got the baby cabas from a friend :p
    happie_berrie, the dress is from zara... i really love the satin silk material
  12. Diana, it looks amazing on you! LOVE it! :p
  13. thanks jenn :love:
  14. Congrats!! Love the bags and the dress :heart:
  15. WOW--does it ever look great on you!!! Gorgeous bag!