My 2nd Bottega Veneta "little pouch" after 5 years!!!

Dec 19, 2007
Bon Vivant
Hi, all:
This is 2008 color in Mustard BV little pouch. I bought BV bag like 5 years ago when they still have a boutique in Santana Row of San jose. I bought a Celine boogie when I traveled to Asia last week but didn't get a matching coin purse back then. At this time, I think it's time to appreciate BV bags again and looking for a coin purse but "animal" zipper purse isn't for my style. So I bought this one instead. I like the color so much cause' it isn't too bright for me but still have its vibrant color.
Isn't it cute with my new Celine bag? I am also thinking of getting a BV cabat bag or wallet in the future!!