My 2nd Bbag is here - Vert Thym City

  1. My 1 week+ old first bag was in my favourite colour PINK(BG 08 in my signature). It is such a sweet colour but hard to maintain so I chose a next colour that could be abused without showing much wear(I hope). I did not want black or brown as I want to leave that to later after I am done with colours. I like greens but more on others(especially shades like Vert Gazon, Vert Foret) than myself for some strange reason. However I do love green with flashes of yellow. Vert Thym is a nice army green IMO without too much yellow but the picture I took with flash under fluorescent light shows lots of yellow undertones.

    Anyway I think Vert Thym is a rather neutral or more a chameleon green, sometimes cool & sometimes veering on warm but not too much. The journey to get one was such a pain coz I have seen too many uneven veining. I do like veins but not if it's uneven with small veins running down the centre & huge ones at the sides. The poor people behind Aloha Rag was tortured half to delirium with my endless barrage of questions. Since I had no pictures of actual bag to view, questions was the only way & I took a risk. They chose a wonderful piece for me. This leather is ohsothick & not like my soft smooshy BG. I cannot wait to break in my new baby!!!
    BVT.jpg BVT2.jpg BVT3.jpg BVT4.jpg
  2. LOVE it! i'm so crazy about the leather of your bag! nothing like any VT i've seen .. congrats and enjoy her
  3. very very beautiful!! congrats! :yahoo: i love this green!
  4. I need this color---- it reminds me of Louis Vuitton Lichen Denim which I adore!!

    Congrats on your purchase!!! and BTW- your BG in your siggy looks simply divine!
  5. OH Pink! Wow..:yahoo:.I am so impressed. I love this Vert Thyme! It looks like such amazing leather. Of course Aloha Rag has the best leathers and they are sooooo cool about tons of questions.
    That color green is my favorite and my house has lots of that color in it, it's soothing yet edgy! I bet it looks great on you:drool:
    Please post modeling pics when you get a chance! Did you return the BG?
  6. This is such an army green. I love It!!!
  7. Wow F, you are moving fast! :tup: But I can completely relate because I got my 2nd almost immediately after my 1st too :smile:

    Gorgeous gorgeous VT!
  8. Congratulations - it's lovely!
  9. you girls are so fortunate! i've to save months before i got my 2nd one. congrats, F! you got a Yoda bag - very nice! and i'm wearing my Yoda dress today :p
  10. Aww nah I am toning down already :smile: I was newly addicted then and too obsessed with physically getting a bal bag than thinking about where the $ was coming from or whether or not I was being responsible. Now I don't believe in being in debt for handbags so in future when I buy I must be able to pay it off straightaway otherwise no go. Yoda dress! Post pix of it? :smile:
  11. ^sounds :tup: to me, girl :smile:

    (sorry for riding on your thread, F :shame: )

  12. that is an amazing color =)
  13. Thank you all for your kind words.

    Lauren, No I did not return BG. I love it too much. My first love! :smile: psst sounds like you need a VT to complement & to add to your gorgeous family of Bbags.

    Jo, Thanks! Have you been wearing your Violet First? I've only read you mentione your Anthra Twiggy & Magenta City. This Bbag bandwagon is really a venture into the dark side. But thank goodness these 2 colours would last me a while before I go around hunting/thinking(or NOT :sweatdrop::wtf:) for another.

    Glossie, Lovely Yoda dress you have. I love the eyelet detailing, where did you get it? & psst NO I am not lucky. That BG was a Dec purchase & VT is a Jan purchase even though my bank a/c did show a drastic drop over 1 week. OK I am in denial. From now it's a few months ban so can only live vicariously through this forum.
  14. got it en-route to Katong Shopping Centre, can't remember the exact name of the building.

    :lol: that's still a one-month wait only. my 2nd bag's a work so that really dented my wallet. i predict your VT is really making it hard for many members here to not want one now. enjoy your Yoda!
  15. So near yet so far. I am always around the area but never quite shop. Always a quick stop to eat & go. Also it is probably a different Katong mall.

    I can imagine the work denting the pockets. Actually the only time I bought bags in 2007 myself was in Oct(a boring LV BH for work). But I don't know if I can say the same for 2008. I am already in Jan & I've got both BG & the Yoda which I am hoping to enjoy for a longer time esp with the super thick can abuse leather(or so I hope).