My 2nd Bbag fr LVR!!! Pls help!

  1. Hi everyone, just received my 2nd Bbag!! :yahoo:
    Plomb SGH Work and i love it!!!
    But then i realised the handles leather are different, 1 is darker, smoother, even color leather and the other is more grainy and dry looking. I've attached pics but its not very clear.
    Is it suppose to be that way? Any cause to be concern? Pls help. TIA :confused1:
    handles.JPG handlesflash.JPG Plomb GSH.JPG Plomb SGh.JPG
  2. It looks like a fairly subtle difference to me, I see no cause for concern. It looks like gorgeous leather! They always send bags with the BEST leather IMO!
  3. Wow, what a beauty... everyone's getting in gorgeous bags today!!! As far as the handles... I think after handling them over time.... the lighter handle will darken from your hands natural oils. I wouldn't be too worried about it... if the leather everywhere else on your bag is up to par & it wouldn't bug yah... then I'd say Keep it~! Congrats!
  4. I can see what you're talking about, and I know what you mean about it being hard to show these things in photos, so I am sure it is more noticable in real life. No, it shouldn't be that way. One handles leather should not look so different from the other. Now the question is, how bad does it bother you? If it is really something you can't live with, send it back for an exchange. If it's something you can live with, I might suggest moisturizing the dry one, just make sure you want to keep the bag. I use Cetaphil Cream and/or Glysomed Hand Cream. They both are odorless (I love the smell of Bal leather), they absorb quickly, and only a small amount is needed. Keep us posted on what you decide! Thanks for sharing photos!
  5. congrats! and i dont think handles are something to worry about either... if it bothers you though... maybe you can try using a bit of moisturising?
  6. Shopboy...I have to be contrarion here. I happen to LOVE the individial differences in my bags. Now, I wouldn't want 2 different leathers on the front, or different leather on the F&B, but I would actually LOVE the handles just the way they are. That's what makes your bag unique. The leather is all equally good quality, just a different look on the one place that no one is ever likely to notice.

    Your little secret, if you will.

    Having said that, the bottom line is whether or not the inconsistency bothers you. Might you ever re-sell it? If so, that might some difference to your decision, but if you are likely to keep this forever, I'd WANT a special feature just like that.

    You just have to decide if it will always be something that niggles at you or whether you can learn to embrace it. (OMG, did I actually just say that??!! :shocked:)

    For that kind of $$$, you'd better LOVE it. Good luck and let's us know when the verdict is in.
  7. I can see what you mean in the second picture (not so much in the first one, if that's any consolation.) It doesn't look too bad in the photo, to the point that I probably wouldn't even notice it. I'm with Oogie in thinking that it will probably even out over time - handles are one of the parts that change appearance anyway, so I think it will become less noticeable pretty quickly as you carry it. Use the handles a lot rather than the shoulder strap, maybe.
  8. i really love the plomb with SGH and the leather looks amazing. i cant' really see anything that would distract from the beauty of your new bag! but i agree if it is something that will bother you then you might want to exchange it--- for balenciaga's price you want it to be perfect
  9. Congrats! That's one hot bag!!!!!!!!!

    I can see what you're talking about, but I don't think it's something you should concern about.....
  10. Me too, I like the bag soooo much and I can see what you mean about the handles, but that's not something you need to worry. But here is what I always say, to own the bag, you must love the bag. If you don't think you can like the bag, them you must consider to return it or sell it on eBay.
  11. I LOVE your new Plomb SGH! Great combo! I am very picky about my Bbags, too, but I don't think the handles look bad at all. But it only matters what you think...and if it bothers you it will always bother you so do what you think you can live with.
  12. I have to differ in opinion. I think that is bad quality control and the handles should match each other and also the rest of the bag. I'm sick of Balenciaga using the old "that's the beauty of Balenciaga" excuse for shoddy workmanship. I would send that bag back immediately. BUT if it doesn't bother you and you love the rest of the bag, then keep it.
    I just can't see what can be so hard aobut matching the leather on the handles.:confused1:
  13. I have to agree. That would bother me too. For that kind of money I'd like to have a flawless bag. I can understand Bal's charm but I can't understand bad quality control from a top company. JMHO. If you don't mind it, then by all means keep it. But I would probably exchange it =)
  14. :confused1:
    Yep! I agree with pp100, kaokim, and what I said above 100%. I just got a Violet Make Up today with different colored tassels, I am posting a thread regarding my concerns about this issue! It's really getting frustrating!!!
  15. congrats !!! i've got the same bag and i love it!