my 2nd...and 3rd chanels!!!! pics!

  1. been a while since i last bought a bag and wallet. i have mostly lvs in my collection and one black chanel pst with gold h/w. today i went out and splurged...presenting my 2 new chanels!!!! black e/w flap with silver h/w in caviar and my new chanel wallet (no idea what the name is- just love the way it looks!). enjoy the pictures! :yahoo:
  2. sp pretty, you have great stuff
  3. Congrats!! your E/W flap is so pretty! look fab on you!! anyway, may I know how much is the retail price in HK for that bag?? My dad is going to HK in 2weeks.. ~Hope I can ask daddy to buy me Chanel over there if the price difference is good compared with the US price.. TIA
  4. hi ch3rrybl0ss0ms! the retail on the east west is HKD12,900. get it! i love it. my very first flap ever! i am hoping to buy another one in december in gray.
  5. Hi makeupmama - i was in HK last 2 weeks and din see any e/w flap :sad: oh come.....??
  6. babevivtan i got mine from a reseller that i always buy from (there's tons here in hong kong). they called me to tell me they just got this one brand new yesterday. next time you're here, you should check out the second hand stores. you'll be surprised at what you can find. i got mine below retail and it's brand spanking new!
  7. Lovely e/w and I am loving that really cool looking wallet too! Congrats dear!
  8. Congrats on your new Chanels! Enjoy:smile:
  9. Milan Station? Saw a number there during my visit. :smile:
  10. i go to milan station, too but i bought this bag from a place called VIP Station in causeway bay. it's not as big as milan station but i know them so they call me when they have stocks that i want.
  11. Great! will check it out when i go in future. Tks :smile:
  12. Oh yes, enjoy ur beautiful buys! :smile:
  13. Thanks for ur fast reply... hehe.. I hope Chanel HK inventory is good when we're there. (I'm going with him) *crossing fingers*
    makeupmama, will you help me locate any Chanel store in HK, preferably at Kowloon area?
  14. Very much thanks in advance... :love:
  15. ch3rrybloss0ms i live on hong kong island so i really don't know the kowloon area very well. i do know that the chanel boutique in the airport is excellent!