My 2nd 2008 HAPPY....

  1. hey all, i posted my recent purchase couple of weeks ago...BUT could not help myself to another shopping after seeing the NEW stuff in LV and what fellow TPF have bought...:drool:

    i went ot the LV boutique looking at the silver/gold miror heart BUT did not like it as i cant find much use for it as a i look around and found 2 items thta i purchase...

    .i am waitlist for the amarante heart with charms.:graucho:

  2. O:huh: I cannot wait to see what you got! :smile:
  3. here what i got...:graucho:


    Not sure if this is NEW model...BUT i love it.


    I choose the amarante bcos red and violette was not guy kind of color..:p

  4. Those are so cute... I absolutely LOVE LV accessories! Congrats... I am sure you will enjoy them!
  5. Congrats...Starting the year off in the right direction!! Love Love Love the Amarante cles.
  6. Beautiful accessories!
  7. Congrats ..great purchases ..I LOVE that diary wallet and the amarante cles is beautiful:love:
  8. Great purchases! I love the cles.
  9. did that wallet/organizer come with the chain or is that just the extender attached to it? very nice though. the amarante looks more and more black to me. i kind of wish there was a black vernis around. or the glace :smile:
  10. Man I love that diary/agenda wallet...I noticed it on the website the other seeing yours I want one....hmmmm lol
  11. thxs :yes: the chain comes with it...:tup: i am using it as a card holder
  12. Thats exactly what I like about it and that you can zip everything in it...Im going to have to check out my local stores:tup:
  13. gorgeous! congrats!!!
  14. lovely, congrats!
  15. Great choices. Really loving the Amarante Cles.