My 25th anniversary upgrade came today *squeal* ,pics inside..

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  1. This year marks my husband and I 25th wedding anniversary. We began looking at rings last year and we both instantly fell in love with this Henri Daussi. It satisfies my love of antique style rings and for my rings to sit low profile. The more I learned about diamonds, the more stressed out I became. There are a gazillion options in a ring and at some point I just had to stop looking and go with the one we fell in love with 1st. Thank you all so much for letting me share.
    My original wedding ring was a 1/4 ct solitare with probably the worst specs ever considering we only paid like $400 for it. I didn't know a thing about diamonds at 18 years old. When that ring was stolen I replaced it with this 1 ct antique. 1st up is the ring I have worn for the last 15 years. I still love this ring and have always gotten so many compliments on it since it is super sparkly.
    And presenting my new Henri Daussi 2.61 ct ring. Color D, VS1, set in platinum.:yahoo:I couldn't be happier. I love that they had to cut each of the cushions just for my ring since they didn't have D's this size in stock. It makes it so special to me.
  2. Wowza!:nuts:

    That's stunning and I love HD rings. Congrats!
  3. it's gorgeous! congratulations
  4. Beautiful ring, congrats!
  5. WOW... LOVE IT~!! cOngrats!
  6. Wow, love it!! What a stunning ring, congratulations on your anniv!!!
  7. Stunning!!!
  8. Beautiful ring!
    Congrats on 25 years!
  9. Gorgeouss!! I also love rings that sit low profile.
  10. Wow, it's breathtaking! Enjoy and wear it in the best of health :heart:
  11. Congradulations on the 25th anni!! Your new ring is drop dead gorgeous!! Actually your original ring is gorgeous too!!!
  12. Heidiho.........Your 25th Wedding, Anniversary Ring is absolutely Gorgeous!! Congratulations.......:cloud9:
  13. WOW!! Gorgeous! Congrats on your beautiful ring.
  14. Gorgeous! :love:
  15. Thank you all so very much. I can't believe it is here. I couldn't be happier.