My 25% sale order arrived!

  1. OMG, I am in love! :love: This bag is a keeper. Again, it looks 1000% better in person than online or catalog. I also took a pic of my scarves and keyfob.
    coach6.JPG coach8.JPG coach7.JPG beagle.JPG
  2. Wow, beautiful!
    Great choice!
    Love the doggy keychain and scarves, too.
  3. This bag is really beautiful! I got it in the chocolate color for my mom! It's huge too b/c she has so much stuff but she had room to spare.
  4. :drool: It's beautiful! I have it on my wishlist on the Coach website, I email it to my Hubby ... hmmm .. on a weekly basis! LOL

  5. Yay, congratulations Becca! I saw that tote in real life for the first time last weekend and it is SO much bigger in person, its beautiful!

    I love the stripe scarf, is it sheer?
  6. It's beautiful and I love the accessories! Enjoy!
  7. Wow! That ia a beauty!
  8. So pretty! Congrats congrats :smile:
  9. No the striped scarf is not sheer. It is huge! I saw it wrapped around a manniquen (sp?) and it looked so cute. It comes in different color stripes to match the striped bag collection. Even though it does not go, here is a pic with the bag and the sheer black scarf.
  10. I love how it looks with the scarf!
  11. I looove the keyfob, so cute !
  12. becca, were you the one with the beagle pup? someone else here has a spoiled rotten beagle, too...
  13. Wow, beautiful stuff. Love the keyfob
  14. I love everything you got--specially the scarves.
  15. Congrats Becca!