My 227 MB Reissue!!! OMG!

  1. I wondered what was so special about flaps- and the 227 size! I just got mine in today from Boston and am SO SO SOOOOO happy about my choice! Thank you to :heart:Addicted Ali :flowers: and :heart: bb10lue :flowers: for helping me out on getting the right size- a 226 would be kinda small for my stuff (didnt' realize I carried so much!)

    So- I'll add more pictures later on but here is one of the bag straight from the PO to my class on campus- lol!! At first I thought the bend on the bottom was a problem from the shipping but I guess reissues are like that- and 'eh- it doesn't bother me- after my stuff got in I didn't even notice!

    I'm sorry the picture is so small too!
  2. Omg :wtf:... I love it. :heart:

    Congrats Alaska! You have such good taste, girl! I want a reissue so bad but must wait until S/S. Hopefully I can nab a purple then. Is this the dark silver? This metallic is so perfect, not too bling but so striking you notice it even in the small pic. Congrats again!!!
  3. Thank you Spiral- no- this is Metallic Black- it' so lovely! :flowers: thank you!
  4. OMG! so gorgeous. Arent you happy with your first Chanel! It wont be the last.
  5. [​IMG]

  6. sjunky- lol~ this would be #2 for me- but the white tote had to leave- I was on a mission to get this flap!

    The inside is so soft!!!!!! :heart:
  7. too gorgeous for words! congrats!
  8. Thank you to :heart: Luccibag :flowers: and :heart: Blushingbaby :flowers: and also those who I randomly PM'd for opinions! Thank you for the pictures- they helped out so much!!!
  9. Its absolutely gorgeous and I think the 227 is a great size. Gorgeous yet so functional!!! congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Thank you!! This metallic black is PERFECTLY metallic- not too much but just enough that the glaze is shiny from any angle!!

    I've fallen hard for FLAPS!!!!!
  12. I really love it, I would love to have the 228 and this bag is so much better than the diamond stitch, I had that bag and it was too square for me. This MB is classic plus sexy as hell, love love love it!
  13. Wow! congrats "M"! I'm happy to be a part of your decision making! a great choice this one! so is it a keeper? :graucho:... yup these flaps surely are addictive! no matter how much I'm into Bbags now, I still LOVE my Chanels! modelling pics?
  14. that bag is so hot! hmm i am tempted to try to track one down now! haha
  15. Its beautiful, congrats!