My 2222nd post: The career you could have had

  1. OK because this is my 2222nd post, I just had to do this :lol:!

    As I'm now in my FINAL SEMESTER at the University at Buffalo, NY:yahoo:, I've had to start thinking about what I want to do after graduation. I'm graduating with a B.A. in Communication, minoring in Linguistics and French, with Certificates in Journalism and Vocal Performance :wtf: -- which may have been why by the time I graduate I would have been in college for 4 1/2 years.

    Anyway, I want to go into Public Relations, so I'm hoping to either join a PR firm or the PR department of a company. But I've always had a nagging regret about the career I could have had :sad:...

    My greatest passion is performing -- singing, dancing, acting. Ever since I was about 6, my mom let me take ballet, gymnastics, piano and violin lessons, and she made me audition for Malaysia's Operafest Children's Choir and Malaysian Philharmonic Choir, and I did all of these until I finished high school. I even took belly-dancing classes for 3 years before I came to Buffalo. But because Malaysia isn't really the Land of Opportunity for things like this, I couldn't go any further than the two Choirs :sad:. I've always dreamed of pursuing a career in music, especially singing. I'm currently in the Choir and the all-girl acappella group in my college, but I wish that I'd taken performing more seriously, instead of letting it all end with a Certificate in Vocal Performance :crybaby:.

    So what about the rest of you? Is there a dream you wish you'd chased, another career you've always secretly wanted but never really had the chance to pursue?Just for fun, here are some photos of me doing what I do best:cutesy::

    masa night.jpg MASA 06 2.jpg MASA Night 10.jpg

    To think this will all end in December :crybaby:...
  2. yeuxhonnetes, you can still have a career in music!

    If you want to go into PR, you will meet a lot of people who can point you in the right direction. PR firms deal with record labels, nightclub owners, etc. Getting into the entertainment industry is mostly who you know.

    You are still really young. You can have the career you want. You don't need a degree to become a singer/performer.

  3. OT: OMG Look at ur hair in pic #3 :heart:

    i wanted to be a fashion designer soo bad, unfortunately this major wasnt available by the time i was done with high school, so i went and took my Bs in Management ... luckily we do have it now in one of the colleges at the academic city, they offer a diploma in FD ... one year yaaaaaay ... i may take it after getting done with my MBA ...

    best of luck sandra .. plz do live and enjoy each second in ur last semester, u'll be missing it alot ... like i did :flowers: :heart:
  4. You can work in PR while you pursue your dream of singing too. Maybe sing at a club at night or go on auditions for other projects. Don't just limit yourself in PR. Expand your skills while you're still young and hot.
  5. I wanted to go into business school after college but fate ended up pushing me into law school instead. Law isn't really my passion (more like my dad's passion) but I figure I can mix law and business into one then... so why not business law. That's where I'm planning on heading.
  6. :lol: yeah i had really long hair until i finished high school. after that i got tired of it and cut it all off:girlsigh:
  7. i feel for you yeuxhonnetes!

    i'm currently in my 3rd yr of medschool and oftentimes i think to myself, why didn't i just do fashion and work my way up to be an editor of a magazine or become a fashion designer? i told this to my dad when i was in high school and he wouldn't hear the end of it.. he was too practical and wanted me to push for something harder... its just that i graduated at the top of my class in highschool, magna cum laude in BS biology at a top univ here in manila (top of my class and departmental awardee too) and now im vying for honors in medicine. i've been a scholar in medschool for the past 3 years... until now, i wished things were so much simpler...

    but medicine and science is my next best thing after fashion so i guess its okay... its just... soooo.... loooooooooooooong...
  8. There's still tons of stuff you can do with your talents! Even if you work in PR during the day, there's nothing stopping you from performing on stage. I have a bunch of friends that do local community theater, dance groups, etc. and they love it!
  9. Dont be to quick to count your main talents out , you can do things( singing , acting etc.........) who know like other said u get into a PR firm , u can come across alot of good contacts and networks
  10. Congratulations on reaching 2222!!! And for doing it so well!

    I know i need to take my own advice here, but it is never too late to go after your dreams! If you want a career with singing and dancing, the world is your oyster! Go for it! Life is too short to look back with regret- so live it to the fullest girl!
  11. I wish I became a physician assistant. If I go back to school, I'll be 36 when I'm done. Don't like that idea. Ah, to be 18 again!
  12. yea, i wish i had more of an interest in pursuing web/graphic design. i mean, i still do it on the side, but i only make like ~$500-600 per design/site.. i could be making ~$1,000+ per site if i had really stuck to it.. or if i had touched upon Flash or other animation type deals. i mean, making the "American Idol" intro with the star and all that music+animation is simple.. and the person who made that is set for the rest of his life, i'm sure! doing that, alone could rake in like say... $15,000. that's for the initial set. then everytime FOX or anyone uses the show, they have to play the intro, so that's like another $5,000 he gets.. and then for reruns and such is another $1,000.. and then for DVD's.. and everything else. lord. i'm just throwing numbers for that example, but you get the picture.

    i also wished i stayed on track with being an interior designer. i do it anyway with my current job at restoration hardware, but it's just not the same. the money isn't the same, and i don't get as much freedom.. plus, not all customers are as trusting with what i think would look best.. however until they buy what i tell them not to buy, and try it in their home, they come back and say, "You're right.. I'll go with the other one.". idiots seriously.

    lol. totally off, but not.
  13. He he sandra...

    Dun we all have dreams of yesterday? Do we not all ask 'What if?'
    I used to be heavily involved in Drama and performance as a kid in Malaysia... All this ended with my ruined performance of Juliet on the last night of a three-night rendition in a high school concert. Why was it ruined? *sheepish* cause the guy I had a crush on (who was also in the play btw) spent the whole night talking to a cute little junior of ours, and I got JEALOUS, so I forgot my lines and acted like azombie on stage.

    Do I regret it? Frankly, I miss the excitement and fulfillment of preparing and rehearsing in a group to put on a performance to entertain others. Especially if your loved ones are sitting down there proudly beaming back at you.

    An office job doesn't seem to give that sort of reward.

    Sandra, I can tell from your character that you're made to be a star! You know what it takes to hold other people's attention. Don't waste that talent no matter what you choose to do in the future post-graduation. Especially since you're come out of Malaysia in the "LAND of OPPORTUNITIES"
  14. I studied journalism in college, with the thought of becoming an international correspondent. Didn't work out that way, I'm actually doing public relations. I think I chose that route because it was the "safe" route. I don't regret it, because I have a great life with my boyfriend and kitties :tender: But, sometimes I wonder what that lifestyle would have been like. The next Christiane Amanpour, hmm... :P
  15. I used to beat myself up for doing the practical thing (Business and Accounting Degree) when my passion was writing fiction. Every teacher I ever had, from grade school through college, was very impressed with my writing so I knew I had something there. But to be a successful writer is not the easiest path, especially when you plan to continue living where I do. So the writing dream haunted me for a while, still does to some extent.

    However, after I became a mom I found a side of myself that I didn't even know about and it seemed to fill the void I'd felt. I began to feel like being a mom was ultimately my dream come true. I feel very fulfilled overall.

    I still hope to write a novel someday, maybe when I send my daugher off to college and have empty nest syndrome. She's 5 now, so it will be a while....

    Follow your dreams Sandra but always remember that you are still young and have time to pursue more than one career path. Many women have successfully started a new career at 40 or older. It's never too late. Try to always do what fills your heart with joy.

    Best wishes!