My 21st and i rocked it hard at Chanel!!

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  1. yayy!! after a long wait for my ultimate HG, i finally picked it up today at the boutique at klcc.. yess!! im psyched!!! there were only two left and i got to picked the best one. i thought i wud have an indecisive moment where i cudnt see which one is in better condition, but it turns out one of them had a dent in it! so i picked up the other one! i named her ChanellaMarcella. LOL.. anyhooo.. im so happyy that my parents had it all planned out and brought me to the boutique today.. tried on other bags too but my eyes were just drawn to this beauty!!

    i will do a reveal later tonight as i have to get ready for my birthday/ chinese new year dinner. yes, my bday falls on chinese new year eve this year. lol:yahoo:
  2. Happy Birthday Jac. i share your joy really. have an enjoyable dinner.. u taking ur new bag out tonite i hope, whether it is reunion dinner at home or out!
  3. Happy Bday and i hope you have a great time with your new bag.
  4. thaanks guys! with the lovely packaging, and how new it is, im so scared to take her out. dunt want her to get dirty! lol
  5. Happy Birthday to you! Can't wait to see your ChanellaMarcella, LOL!
  6. Happy birthday !!! Have a wonderful time :drinkup::Partyhat: and don't forget to post those pictures !!! :smile:
  7. Happy birthday babe! Glad you finally got your HG and on your bday/CNY eve! haha
    can't wait to see modelling pics
  8. Congrats Jacmarcella!! Let me guess. Did you get the black reissue that you have been hunting for???? Hehee
  9. ~Happy Birthday!~ :drinkup::balloon: Enjoy your day!
    Can't wait to see your pics!

    Hope you have a wonderful day / night and can't wait to see what goodies you've bought.
  11. hey guys! im trying to upload some pics, but the file is too big. im using mac.. first time as i just got a macbook. not too sure which program does resizing of photos.. i used to use microsoft office manager but dunt have that file anymore.. hrrmm.. if anyone has a mac and knows which program does resizing of photos, let me know.. but i promise il somehow upload them!!
  12. jacmarcella - you can try using photobucket??? Am not a mac user so am not sure!
    Anyway - Happy Birthday and Gong Xi Fa Cai - can't wait to see your HG ChanellMarcella!!!! Will def be checking back!
  13. oooh Happy 21st Birthday :biggrin:

    looking forward to seeing your piccies too :smile:
  14. Happy birthday and gong xi fa cai!
  15. Yay!!!:woohoo:HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :balloon::Partyhat::balloon: