My 2010 Giant First, Giant Town, and Giant Hip


Apr 22, 2009
I have been a member here since last year but this is my very first reveal. I was too lazy to take pictures but earlier today when I received my new Bal bags from Bal NYC , I was so excited and decided to share the beauties with you.

Balenciaga - 2010 Giant First - Canard - on door.JPG

Balenciaga - 2010 Giant Town - Black with SH - on door.JPG

Balenciaga - 2010 Giant Hip - Sorbet.JPG

Balenciaga - 2010 Giant Hip - Sorbet - as a shoulder bag.JPG

Giant Town + Giant First + Giant Hip.JPG

The first one is a 2010 Giant First in Canard with SH. It's the same size as the traditional First but with silver hardware. Personally I love the combination of this navy blue and the silver hardware as the SH "pops out" Canard and the whole bag. The SH on this bag is much lighter than the one on Giant City, so the bag is not heavy at all (i.e. My Giant City with SGH is too heavy for me.)

The second one is a 2010 Giant Town in Black with SH. It's a little larger than First but smaller than City. The strap of this bag is much longer than that of the City. Although I am only 5'5", I love the long strap as I can wear it as a cross-body bag. And again, the SH on this bag is much lighter than the one on Giant City, so the bag is not heavy either.

The third one is a 2010 Giant Hip in Sorbet with SH. Sorbet is such a happy color - it makes me smile by just looking at it. Spring is coming...It's designed as a crossbody bag but alternatively you can turn it into a shoulder bag by "fold" the strap (as shown in the picture). Such a smart and chic design.

Okay, I have to stop for now but since it's my first reveal I have a question regarding the attachment. Are we allowed to attach five pictures only at one time? I have more pictures to share with you but it allows me to post only five pictures this time... :wondering

Anyway, enjoy! :yahoo:


Leather brrraaiined.
Mar 19, 2007
I love all of it! Where have YOU been hiding all this time, lol! May we see some mod pics of the first two bags?

You can start a new "post" in your same thread to put more pics as attachments.


Jul 20, 2008
OMG! Giant First, that is adorable! The smaller GH is just the right size for the smaller bags.

The Town looks like it's not much any bigger than the First. I love the shape, though I thing it's kind of small for me. Plus it's a little pricey. Can you do some mod pics esp on the Town please?

Your GH Hip is so cute.
Nov 30, 2007
I am loving the giant first! :drool: Well, I love all 3 bags- exactly the colour choices I am hankering after in all 3!


Stay Positivo!
Apr 17, 2006
Omg! I love the giant town may i ask how much is it ?


Apr 22, 2009
Many thanks to you all, juicy couture jen, REREsaurus, imlvholic, wonderwoman9, Luvhandbags!, chunkylover53, kaka, and jilly, for your kind compliments!

I am going out for dinner now but will post more pictures I have taken earlier when I come back, including some modeling pics. :yahoo:

BTW, the Giant Town is $1595+tax.