My 2010 Collections

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  1. I have been goofing off on Polyvore and decided I would do a "photo" of the LV items I currently have in my collection. This sort of grew into more of my collection, then other collections. So, if you have a collection photo that you want to share, feel free to join in!

    My 2010 LV collection:


    Trying to decide what should join this collection next...maybe the Odeon PM or the Mon Monogram Speedy... :shrugs:

    My 2010 "LV plus" (Coach not included) collection:


    And my now-bordering-on-crazy OP Sunnies collection:

  2. wow ! love your collections......:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. nice pic !
  4. Wow you have an amazing collection!
  5. Very Nice
  6. Great Collection! I love your artsy and your balenciaga bag, it looks gorgous, your sunnies are incredible! Thanks for sharing!
  7. fabulous!! :ghi5:
  8. Thanks, everyone!

    I have gone quite overboard on the sunnies! Really need to cut myself off in that department. I think my collection is complete. I have been debating whether to keep the Balenciaga. The color is the most perfect color EVER...the color of the Caribbean ocean, but I never carry it. Ugh! I don't seem to carry anything but LV these days...
  9. great collection! congrats!
  10. Wonderful collection!
  11. LVOE your collection!!
  12. Nice collection :smile:
  13. Nice collection and greate photos!!
  14. great collection & cute pic!
  15. Hi looks great but what is OP? Is it Oliver Peoples?