My 2008 purchase.... ^_^

  1. hey, i just got my 2 little purchase for 2008 and here they are... i cant decided which one and so i take BOTH...:tup:

    its not hearts...:rolleyes:


  2. I'm going to bed now, please hurry up :smile:
  3. Not sure about the LV, but the avatar is:tup::drool:

    haha, it's friday gimme a break:roflmfao:
  4. I want to C~~~ cles?
  5. Let's see!
  6. ....?
  7. Gah, I hate you teaser pictures !!!
  8. :jammin:waiting...
  9. sorry but having problem uploading pci...:sweatdrop:

    anyone know why?:confused1:
  10. You're out to tease us ? :cursing:

    If you're unable to upload, you can email them to me and I can post for you !
  11. hmm, is it miroir or tobago ??
  12. Check it out.. :graucho:


    (super cute bling !)
  13. Oooohh! I want the RED one for my iPhone!
  14. yum! :drool: but will the crystals fall off rubbing against the pouch? or is the pouch there to protect the crystals? :sweatdrop:
  15. ohh~~
    I love them both too!!
    Congrats on your new additions~